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epiNoiseoffset_v3 Velvia1 riding_a majicmixSombre_v20 nicolai256 riding on a best quality extremery best quality masterpiece:1.5 realistic intricate details:1.2 photorealistic:1.4 extremely intricate:1.2 highres ultra highres ultra-detailed absurdres incredibly absurdres extremely detailed high quality high resolution hyperrealistic ultra-realistic hyper-detailed top quality best fine detail massive detail Highly detailed extreme detailed highest detailed high-res absolutely resolution reflection refraction:1.4 BREAK 1girl solo looking at viewer flat bangs young cute beautiful 18-year-old girl:1.1 3d face beautiful girl Beautiful face pretty girlface kpop idol supermodel stunning innocent symmetry face hand of Guido Daniele perfect body medium breast slim waist slim legs high detailed skin:1.2 glowing eyes goddess natural skin texture shiny skin White skin Beautiful detailed face detailed face real skin texture cute delicate face finely detailed face golden ratio golden ratio face 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Clarity And Sharpness Albedo And Specular Maps Multi-Layered Textures Surface Shading Sub-Pixel Convolution Accurate Simulation Of Light-Material Interaction blurry foreground broad light volumetric light effect matte painting perfectly defined features volumetric lighting Tone Mapping Lumen Reflections Global illumination Ray Tracing Screen Space Global Illumination Accent Lighting 32k Natural Lighting volumetric cinematic masterpiece Rule of thirds high dynamic range Multi-exposure HDR capture cinematic render game cg cinematic atmospheric perspective movie scene epic dynamic frame motion blur cinematic look Film look rim light 4k textures adobe lightroom photolab insane details hyperdetailed exposure blend professional color grading professional color correction aerial perspective particles and dust in beams of light cinematic scene dynamic lighting sharp details lomography soft focus light leaks bold hues atmospheric depth explosive light and shadow:1.2 aesthetics intricate designs 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PureErosFace_V1:0.5 ulzzang-6500:0.5 lora:epiNoiseoffset_v3:0.1 kbxll:0.6 lora:Velvia1:0.1 lora:riding_a:0.8
Ariel_character add_detail uv FilmG2 LowRA jkUnderwaterShot reelunderwater ghostmix_v20Bakedvae YeiYeiArt Ariel (The Little Mermaid) Princess Disney, by YeiyeiArt ariel mermaid:1.2 leaning foward ass up detailed light cinematic lighting very detailed eyes best quality beautiful face ultra detailed highres light rays shortstack:1.5 very long hair 1girl small breasts:1.1 long Red hair beautiful short height average body weight:1.4 a little curvy:1.4 wide hips solo arms up shortstack:1.7 skindentation:1.5 blush:1.2 looking at viewer skindentation:1.6 action shot slow motion motion blur choker cross choker accent lighting fliying hair:1.4 green pants blushes bruises:1.2 straps shiny skin underwater swimming bubbles ambient oclusion full body leaning foward swiming pose caustics hdr fog film grain depth of field shell bra bubbles on foreground ArielWaifu:1lora:Ariel_character:0.4 detailed underwater coral background dynamic angle:1.2 dynamic pose:1.2 very long mermaid tail:1.5 alluring mermaid ethereal face focus 8k RAW photo masterpiece:1.2 photon mapping radiosity 35 mm focal length particles ravishing beautiful lighting high detailed vivid contrasting colors chromatic aberration vibrant digital illustration behance hd realistic:1.2 high contrast:1.2 shallow depth of field bloom RSEEmma:1.2 Volumetric Lighting extremely detailed CG 8k illustrations hyper detailed ultra high res high resolution intricate details RSEEmma lora:add_detail:0.6 lora:uv:0.4 lora:FilmG2:0.4 lora:LowRA:0.3 lora:RSERomantic_RSESofiko_RSEEmma-v1:0.6 lora:jkUnderwaterShot:0.6 lora:reelunderwater:0.3
LORAJingyiJuChinese_jingyi10 fashionGirl_v36 hugeAssAndBoobs_v1 breastinclassBetter_v13 inniesBetterVaginas_v11 0.7(0.5(0.8(0.5(0.2(0.5(grapefruitHentaiModel_grapefruitv3) + 0.5(HassanBlend1.4_Safe)) + 0.8(AbyssOrangeMix2_nsfw)) + 0.5(chilloutmix_Ni)) + 0.2(babes_babes11)) + 0.5(AbyssOrangeMix2_nsfw)) + 0.3(babes_babes11) OrangeKiwi_Ai Kiwi Mix shiny eyes looking at viewer :detailed face:1.2:0.2 Jingyi with long hair high res 1girl sex:1.2 chinese Tongliya masterpiece:1.4 best quality:1.4 bangs beach bikini blue sky blush breasts cleavage covered nipples curvy day small breasts lips long hair navel parted lips skindentation solo thick thighs thighs very long hair realistic shiny skin:1.2 good hand illustration 4K wallpaper cinematic light Absurdres A highly-detailed digital painting of a tough and determined woman cop with short hair and a no-nonsense expression patrolling the dark and dangerous streets of a cyberpunk city. She's dressed in an armored uniform and wielding high-tech weaponry with her badge and badge number clearly visible. The background is a chaotic and neon-lit urban landscape with towering skyscrapers holographic advertisements and futuristic vehicles all around her. The atmosphere is tense and edgy with hints of danger and corruption lurking in every corner. The woman could be shown interacting with the city's denizens questioning witnesses or apprehending suspects or alone and vigilant keeping a watchful eye on the bustling streets. By capturing the grit and intensity of this futuristic metropolis the artwork could evoke a sense of urgency and excitement.:2 PureErosFace_V1:1.5 ulzzang-6500-v1.1:0.8 lora:LORAJingyiJuChinese_jingyi10:0.8 lora:fashionGirl_v36:0.7 lora:hugeAssAndBoobs_v1:1 lora:breastinclassBetter_v13:0.3 lora:inniesBetterVaginas_v11:0.3
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