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Dasha Taran, born on March 2, 1995, is a Russian-Korean social media influencer, model, and content creator. She was born in Russia but grew up in South Korea, where she spent most of her childhood. Taran holds dual citizenship in both countries.

Taran gained popularity on social media platforms, particularly on YouTube and Instagram, through her engaging and authentic content. She is known for her vlogs, travel videos, fashion content, and beauty tutorials. Her videos often showcase her experiences as a Russian-Korean living in South Korea and her journey to adapt to Korean culture.

Taran's YouTube channel, which she started in 2015, has over 1.5 million subscribers. She posts weekly videos, including vlogs, beauty tutorials, and travel videos. Her Instagram account, which has over 1.2 million followers, features a mix of personal photos, fashion content, and sponsored posts.

As a model, Taran has worked with various Korean and international brands, including L'Oréal, Maybelline, and FashionNova. She has also walked the runway for fashion shows in South Korea and has been featured in magazines such as Elle Korea and Cosmopolitan Korea.

Taran is fluent in both Russian and Korean and often uses her language skills to engage with her audience. She is known for her bubbly personality, sense of humor, and authenticity. Taran is also an advocate for mental health awareness and often shares her experiences and resources with her followers.

In her free time, Taran enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and exploring new places. She is a dog lover and has a pet dog named Max. Taran is currently based in Seoul, South Korea, where she continues to create content and build her brand.

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