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AdvancedEnhancer modelMixTestVersion_modelmixtest girl_with_mask_lora013 age_slider_v6 Loraeyes_V1 epi_noiseoffset2 Prop_Sunglasses_v1 detail_slider_v4 GlassDevice realcartoonPixar_v3 Zovya Gender Slider 3d fluffy neonpunk style cinematic photo maximum fidelity best perspective miniature shrunken full-body teen mom sleeping curled up aviators eye macro mask lora:AdvancedEnhancer:0.8 BREAK film analog film hard light soft light dramatic lighting neon lights agfa ultra classic chrome ektachrome eterna dim light golden hour color grading bokeh RAW lora:breastsizeslideroffset:-0.1 lora:modelMixTestVersion_modelmixtest:0.8 lora:girl_with_mask_lora013:0.6 lora:age_slider_v6:0.6 lora:age_slider_v2:-1.2 lora:Loraeyes_V1:1.25 loraeyes lora:Girls in Glass Jars v3:0.6 lora:epi_noiseoffset2:0.8 lora:Prop_Sunglasses_v1:0.7 Glasses Sunglasses Aviators lora:detail_slider_v4:2.5 gamer girl bath water subsurface scattering luminescent translucent exposure compensation iso 3200 f/3.8 long exposure optical photography lora:GlassDevice:0.8 glassdevice style close up camera machine light inside glass sphere metal object light bulb electronic device dark room computer inside . 35mm photograph film professional 4k highly detailed . cyberpunk vaporwave neon vibes vibrant stunningly beautiful crisp detailed sleek ultramodern magenta highlights dark purple shadows high contrast cinematic ultra detailed intricate closeup cute and adorable cute big circular reflective eyes long fuzzy fur Pixar render unreal engine cinematic smooth intricate detail
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