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detail_slider_v4 majicmixRealistic_v7 ruanyi blue suit 1girl lora:GoodHands-beta2:1 front view stiletto heels lora:detail_slider_v4:0.9 full body standing lora:thicc_v2.3身材管理:1.5 pink background hime style straight hair hime cut:1.3 blunted bangs draped hair cascading hair flowing hair solo lora:blue suit_v1:0.6 thighhighs cat ears blue sailor collar sailor collar blue legwear animal_ears fake_animal_ears choker navel thigh_strap thong panties blue_skirt pleated_skirt Low Angle shooting super wide lens:1.1 dramatic gritty intense:1.4 full body:1.7 long legs skinny legs:1.5 Milky skin shiny skin:1.5 Best quality masterpiece ultra high res photorealistic:1.4 8K raw photo fractal art:1.4 highly detailed official art flawless exquisite details and textures high quality texture detailed texture intricate details delicate and beautiful 8K wallpaper DSLR natural lighting dynamic lighting professional lighting realistic shadow natural shading soft lighting cinematic lighting photon mapping depth of field HDR sharp focus pretty girl supermodel extremely detailed face beautiful elegant face realistic face goddess aura a face of perfect proportion slender face symmetric eyes finely detailed beautiful eyes brown eyes thin lips:1.4 blunt bangs wavy hair short hair:1.4 realistic hair realistic skin texture slim waist thigh_gap perfect anatomy realistic body skinny slender fit body beautiful detailed thigh human body ratio perfect body proportions curvy body beautiful legs long legs:1.3
Laethilia_Miriel dreamshaper_6BakedVae Inwe Inwë Miriel forest wanderer by Dominik Mayer Anthony jones Loish painterly style by Gerald Parel craig Mullins marc Simonetti mike Mignola Tetsuya Nomura hyperrealistic hyper detailed volumetric lighting photorealistic cinematic lighting sharp focus beautiful ultra realistic unreal engine 5 ultra detailed award winning hdr dynamic lighting depth of field hyper realism full body full body shot bokeh vibrant colors ray tracing photography 8k resolution insanely detailed ethereal 8 5 mm f 1. 8 cinematic shot unreal engine 5 rendered insanely detailed and intricate art station award winning photo realistic shaded perfect face perfect composition unreal engine 5 highly rendered hyper - realistic 16k cgi octane rendering professional excellent composition official art fashion photography trending on artstation hq high fashion extremely hyperdetailed post - processing cinematic lighting + masterpiece professional photographer chromatic aberration cinematic 4k wallpaper beautiful cinematic light award - winning photography golden ratio illustration reflective nvidia raytracing demo stunning cinematography beautiful face gorgeous realistic face very detailed face beautiful eyes face enhance realistic proportions attractive anatomical perfect eyes realistic character concept defined facial features detailed facial features shiny skin angelic seductive smile beautiful detailed face wet look wet small rain shiny Model hash: a60cfaa90d Inwe video game character keep original image face intact Horizon Zero Dawn inspired arcane league of legends inspired Kingdom hearts inspired 30 years old woman a lot of freckles cute dyed blue hair BlueEyebrows purple eyes thin blue Brows small cheeks slight smile facing forward B cup breast realistic eyes shinny skin model looking wearing black leather jacket and red hexagon pattern battle armor dress with a big hole between Breasts with white tight leather sleeveswearing an Enormous white and dark red Superhero cape hanging behind her blue leather breastplate Gold Shoulder pads and wearing a white Cape with red stripes a hyperrealistic painting neo-romanticism hypernet:Laethilia_Miriel:0.75 ump45 lora:Girls' Frontline--ump45-og:1
AbyssOrangeMix2_hard Sephie wheelinghubcap Shadowverse Sephie, Depraved Convict LoRA a beautiful masterpiece portrait of Sephie22 holding a syringe holding syringe she has two thigh straps on one leg - the lower one is red the upper one is white and there is a vertical red strap from her waist connecting both she has multiple leather straps on her waist like a harness 1girl highres realistic hyperrealistic official art game cg cygames shadowverse shingeki no bahamut solo long hair petite best quality androgynous ultra-detailed empty eyes detailed eyes expressive face realistic face nose necktie pants shirt goggles mask gloves doctor indoors paper bangs coat belt white belt respirator lanyard formal suit multicolored hair black pants tight looking at viewer gas mask blue eyes short hair streaked hair black necktie long necktie men's clothing tomboy white hair red shirt collared shirt black gloves red hair hair between eyes aqua eyes open clothes goggles on head thigh strap two-tone hair mouth mask id card dress shirt covered mouth grey hair glowing eyes glowing iris eyewear on head eyeshadow bags under eyes hair ornament tsurime eyes half-closed eyes sanpaku jitome v-shaped eyebrows magic circle harness o-ring there is a red strap running down one of her legs:1.1 long sleeves sleeves past wrists labcoat white coat white jacket asymmetrical legwear she is wearing her pants high she is dressed like a man expressionless annoyed angry ambient lighting thighs thigh focus wide hips thigh gap skinny toned ribs hip bones
add_detail haenraets postpainter20 hd_helper_v1 epicdream_lullaby epinikion epiCDream cinematic film still of painting of a beautiful couple dancing the tango:1.5 movement dynamic pose dance elegant erotic sensual close lovers perfect detailed face perfect detailed body perfect detailed eyes:1.5 long red hair dark empty red grunge background:1.3 rimlighting uncluttered background complementary colours street lamp:1.1 musician guitar player:1.3 chapeau leaning back tipping over mustache ruling class elegant clothing wind blowing epic atmosphere realistic face beautifully detailed woman detailed mouth extremely detailed eyes_and_face beautiful attractive face beautiful detailed eyes pronounced feminine feature matte eyeshadow eyelashes perfect body color HD photo 85mm full body high quality photo masterpiece HDR 8K resolution analogue RAW DSLR best quality absurdres vivid vibrant colors intricate detail realistic human hands sophisticated detail official art 8k wallpaper ultra high res tree:1 masterpiece striking ground wild field dramatic lighting otherworldly oil painting gloomy fog epic art wind action:1.5 darkness total freedom breath large wild spaces dynamic cinematic shot red dress dark suit:1.3 back lighting:1.1 wet ground reflexions:1.3 complementary colours:1.3 1boy 1girl:1.4 lora:add_detail:0.8 lora:haenraets:0.5 whaenraets lora:postpainter20:0.4 lora:backlight_slider_v10:-1 lora:hd_helper_v1:0.8 shallow depth of field vignette highly detailed high budget bokeh cinemascope moody epic gorgeous film grain grainy
SithoutfitV2 CyberPunkAI more_details majicmixHorror_v1 Merjic majicMIX horror 麦橘恐怖 a girl dressed in a sthoutfit The hunt in the alley Red kimono Black shorts Long black army boots A graceful stance Silk clothing Lightsaber in hand dark atmosphere dark theme Cyberpunk Japanese Street science fictionStar Wars:1.4 Aggressive style haute couture designer clothes:1.4 domineering proud mighty woman aesthetics:1.4 masterpiece:1.4 realistic:1.3 finely detailed quality detailed skin:1.3 dramatic insane details intricate details highly detailed high resolution HDR vivid colors:1.3 color full:1.3 ultra detailed 8k cg extremely absurd Midnight Neon light Stand high Black gloves:1.4 perfect beautiful realistic face mature female Tall in stature 1girl nice girl gorgeous girl solo huge breasts perfect female body Haughty smile sneer:1.3 Mole under eye:1.2 heavy makeup:1.1 black lips beautiful lips extremely detailed face col dattitude eyeshadow eyeline femme fatale:1.5 incredibly beautiful black hair with Pink color streaks straight hair blunt bangs sneer Fancy hair exquisite hair:1.3 stunning gorgeous japanese gothgirl hakama skirt:0.9 sexy alluring attractive hot enchanting seductive erotic thick thighs athletic wide hips narrow waist athletic body:1.1 subsurface scattering reflections eflections realistic hair ultra detailed eyes Realistic eyes looking at viewer Detail hands realistic hands realistic legs eautiful legs realistic skin skin pores sweat shiny skin:1.3 wet skindentation clean skin depth of field:1.6 photorealistic:1.2 ray tracing soft lighting bokeh photorealistic caustics best quality film grain:1.4 RAW photo:1.2 lora:hakama v10:0.5 HAKAMA SKIRT lora:SithoutfitV2:1 sthoutfit lora:CyberPunkAI:0.5 CYBERPUNKAI NEON lora:~Q?-QlN;Rhime cut:0.6 lora:curly_hair_slider_v11:-3 lora:more_details:0.5