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NijiExpressV2 add_detail FF14CharArt aZovyaRPGArtistTools_v3 Terry9993 NijiExpressive_v2 best quality:1.1 masterpiece:1.1 detailed perfect anatomy evening natural lighting The scene depicts the iconic superhero Superman gracefully floating in the air. His legs are tightly extended and his arms are spread wide with palms upturned as if harnessing immense power. His head is slightly tilted back exuding confidence and determination. Surrounding Superman is a vibrant and pulsating circle of energy representing his extraordinary abilities. The energy crackles and radiates with power showcasing his strength and otherworldly presence. It serves as a visual representation of his superhuman capabilities and the aura of invincibility that surrounds him. As Superman hovers in the sky his cape billows behind him caught in the wind. The same wind tousles his hair adding to the dynamic and energetic atmosphere of the scene. The setting sun casts its warm rays through the clouds creating a breathtaking backdrop of colors that bathe the entire scene in a mesmerizing golden glow. This artwork captures the essence of Superman's power nobility and unwavering resolve. The attention to detail in his iconic costume the dynamic composition and the skillful use of lighting and atmosphere make this depiction truly awe-inspiring. It portrays Superman as the epitome of strength and hope ready to defend and protect those in need. Overall this artwork beautifully showcases Superman's iconic pose accentuated by the circle of energy and the stunning backdrop of a sunset sky. It is a testament to the enduring popularity and timeless appeal of this beloved superhero capturing the imagination of fans and reminding them of the heroism and inspiration that Superman represents. lora:NijiExpressV2:0.4 lora:add_detail:0.5 lora:FF14CharArt:0.5