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add_detail kakarot25DChichi_chichi vay_kakarot Kakarot 2.5D ChiChi concept art cinematic photo 1girl long hair shirt full body legs Steampunk Workshop mmskirt high heels masterpiece:1.2 best quality highres extremely detailed CG perfect lighting 8k wallpaper photograph photorealistic lora:红底高跟丨法力无边_v1.0:0.6 lora:马脸裙丨正确穿法_v1.0:0.8 dynamic angle dynamic pose . 35mm photograph film bokeh professional 4k highly detailed . digital artwork illustrative painterly matte painting highly detailed highest quality perfect detail perfect skin:1.2 original extremely detailed 8K wallpaper an extremely delicate and beautiful incredibly_absurdres intricate detail distinct_image extremely intricate detailed skin:1.3 High definition intricate details finely detailed beautiful detailed high detailed skin glossy skin shiny skin white skin:1.3 pale skin:1.3 natural light ray tracing volumetric light top quality golden-ratio face perfect proportioned face perfectly beautiful:1.3 reflected diffuse light to face:1.3 peer proportional face peer proportional body proportional awesome body:1.3 perfect anatomy correct limb correct finger have the same eye size:1.2 have the same eye color:1.2 have the same eye shape:1.2 looking at viewer eye contact 1girl young babe aquamarine eyes small eyes:1.3 large breasts:1.3 narrow waist:1.2 Big pelvis:1.2 wide_hips:1.2 slender thighs:1.3 black hair:1.3 brown eyes:1.3 lora:add_detail:0.35 lora:Shiny Oiled Skin_油量皮肤v20-LoRA:0.7 lora:Xian-T手部修复lora(不用controlnet也不坏手了)_v3.0:0.6