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ayanami_rei kakarot28DColor_colorPruned vay_kakarot Kakarot 2.8D Color realistic photorealistic best quality masterpiece ultra high res finely detailed quality realistic lighting detailed skin intricate details raw photo absurdres highres ultra detailed BREAK 1girl solo looking at viewer 18 years old hand of Guido Daniele ayanami_rei blue short hair white hair ornament white bodysuit gloves red eyes solo focus night dynamic pose standing outdoors atmospheric panorama giant moon on the sky cyberpunk cyber city neon trim cityscape scifi stars galaxy blurry background blurry foreground cowboy shot dynamic angle from below blurry smile blush beautifu and aesthetic face detailed face clean facial features an extremely delicate and beautiful beautiful detailed eyes stars in the eyes Pink lips Glowing Eyes perfect face detailed pupils Makeup:1.1 nice hands sexy slim large breasts skinny narrow waist human anatomy:1.1 detailed light beautiful detailed glow detailed background:1.1 reflection refraction Rembrandt lighting diffuse lighting radiosity photon mapping subsurface scattering dynamic lighting Multi-exposure HDR capture Screen Space Global Illumination Ray Tracing Lumen Reflections Tone Mapping volumetric lighting Circular polarizer broad lighting dramatic lighting:1.1 explosive light and shadow sharp focus film grain rim lighting two tone lighting rim light Overdetailed art official art beautiful and aesthetic beautiful elegant vivid colours warm tone soft light delicate Ultrarealistic Detailed illustration extremely detailed CG Unity 8k wallpaper PBR Texturing huge filesize 8k uhd octane render unreal engine 5 lora:GoodHands-beta2:1 lora:ayanami_rei:1
SakimiChanStyle_V1 lou 3DBoosterHorrid add_detail more_details epiNoiseoffset sxzCinematic_500SoftEnough sxzBloom_sxzBloom 28DSTABLEBESTVERSION_28dv3realcook Merjic majicMIX reverie 麦橘梦幻 best quality masterpiece:1.4 extremely detailed 8k high quality cinematic hyper realistic illustration absurdres octane render sleek beautiful fit fantastic realism vibrant color high detail rich textures accurate anatomy perfect hands perfect feet complete fingers natural form normalcy proper number of limbs symmetrical flawless skilled shading high-resolution depth-filled polished smooth edges consistent styles innovative design perfect proportions properly aligned features precise harmonious colors minimal noise soft lighting creative fluid movement intricately detailed dynamic perspective balanced composition 3-dimensional natural posing high contrast Full body high-definition portrayal of a celestial goddess her statuesque figure seemingly carved from marble skin glowing with the shimmer of countless stars. Hair that streams down her back woven from purest moonlight perfectly framing her sapphire eyes that hold the depth of the cosmos. Wrapped in a gown of nebulous silk she clutches a staff tipped with a miniature galaxy. She poses at the precipice of a grand astral citadel pillars reaching towards the constellations the canvas of the cosmos sprawling endlessly around her planets and comets dancing in the celestial orchestra lyco:EnvyElegance:0.75 beautiful confident elegant lyco:EnvySuperMix:0.55 lora:SakimiChanStyle_V1:0.25 sakimichan lora:hipoly_3dcg_v7-epoch:0.35 3d:1.1 realistic lora:lou:0.25 CG vfx lora:3DBoosterHorrid:0.25 Horridthreed lyco:miniatureWorldStyle:0.45 mini\ttp\ miniature cityscape world isometric view landscape terrain macro-enhanced lora:add_detail:0.75 lora:more_details:0.25 lora:epiNoiseoffset:0.15 rim light key Light fill light backlight ambient light hair light accent light three-point lighting soft light volumetric light hypernet:sxzCinematic_500SoftEnough:0.15 hypernet:sxzBloom_sxzBloom:0.15