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Q[ U/onlyrealistic_v28BakedVAE Tian__ OnlyRealistic | 《唯》· 超高清真人写实 masterpiece best quality official art extremelydetailed cg 8k wallpaper Surrealism A mature face realistic: 1.3 mixed Korean Kpop idol Peacock:1.3 Black background night starry sky shooting stars across the sky:1.5 sit Crossed legs sitting on chair crossed legs white hair:1.6 only water Clear and turquoise sky Water as smooth as a mirror petal There are clouds where water and sky connect Colorful clouds depth of field beautiful detailed sky Cyan sky beautiful detailed cloud beautiful detailed water reflection pool dynamic angle floating finely detail bloom shine glinting stars feather nature sunlight fairyland 1girl solo:1.5 Eye contact:1.2 white hair:1.1 absurdly long hair:1.5 hair accessories full body:1.7 Slim body:1.1 long legs:1.3 Blue and white Hanfu with flowing sleeves necklace Chinese style clothes Chinese Han clothing flying petals upper body arms behind back detailed ice crystalstexture skin cold expression white hair long hair messy hair blue eye looking at viewer extremely delicate and beautiful water beauty detailed eye highly detailed cinematic lighting beautiful face fine water surface original figure painting ultra-detailed incredibly detailed an extremely delicate and beautiful beautiful detailed eyes. Background: Chinese architecture flower and bird Tower beautiful lake best quality miniature bonsai A shot with tension Visual impact giving the poster a dynamic and visually striking appearance:1.2 Chinese Zen style impactful picture lora:~Q?-YG^{fo:0.8