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add_detail Dragons coconutFurryMix2_coconut20Av1Vivid chilon249 Ori-ArtStyle LoRA ASCIIlora:add_detail:0.6 wildlife:nature photography masterpiece fashion photography Prime lens side view slightly above solo scalie female detailed iridescent Silver scales intricate scales detailed face detailed eyes big eyes:0.5 kobold:1.2 small horns big ears cute young toned body elegant beautiful bright expressive eyes eyelashes feminine thick thighs slim body cute-fine-face round head cute face rendered eyes uploaded on e621 by Hasui Kawase:0.5 by Barbara Takenaga by darkgem_0.5 by Affandi by Beatrice Ethel Lithiby by Catcouch lora:S1-Ori-ArtStyle_DreamLike-000008:0.4 evil grin Gentle S-Curve Creating a subtle S-curve with the body emphasizing natural curves Dragon Scale Armor Lightweight dragon scale-patterned armor sheer dragon-wing cape knee-high boots midriff at the beach horizon La Digue at the Seychelles Tranquil island with stunning beaches Anse Source d'Argent pink-hued sand granite boulders volumetric light sunshine Rippling reflections of the sun dancing on the water's surface Footprints forming intricate patterns in the wet sand near the water's edge pile of folded clothing colorful sea-shells detailed realistic 8k uhd high quality high quality photography 3 point lighting flash with softbox 4k Canon EOS R3 hdr smooth sharp focus high resolution award winning photo 80mm f2.8 bokeh cinematic composition cinematic lighting highly detailed best quality intricate:0.9 high detail:1.4 film photography lora:Dragons:0.2 dragon