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Laethilia_Miriel lucy_offset CounterfeitV25_25 Inwe Inwë Miriel forest wanderer by Dominik Mayer Anthony jones Loish painterly style by Gerald Parel craig Mullins marc Simonetti mike Mignola Tetsuya Nomura hyperrealistic hyper detailed volumetric lighting photorealistic cinematic lighting sharp focus beautiful ultra realistic unreal engine 5 ultra detailed award winning hdr dynamic lighting depth of field hyper realism full body full body shot bokeh vibrant colors ray tracing photography 8k resolution insanely detailed ethereal 8 5 mm f 1. 8 cinematic shot unreal engine 5 rendered insanely detailed and intricate art station award winning photo realistic shaded perfect face perfect composition unreal engine 5 highly rendered hyper - realistic 16k cgi octane rendering professional excellent composition official art fashion photography trending on artstation hq high fashion extremely hyperdetailed post - processing cinematic lighting + masterpiece professional photographer chromatic aberration cinematic 4k wallpaper beautiful cinematic light award - winning photography golden ratio illustration reflective nvidia raytracing demo stunning cinematography beautiful face gorgeous realistic face very detailed face beautiful eyes face enhance realistic proportions attractive anatomical perfect eyes realistic character concept defined facial features detailed facial features shiny skin angelic seductive smile beautiful detailed face wet look wet small rain shiny Model hash: a60cfaa90d Inwe video game character keep original image face intact Horizon Zero Dawn inspired arcane league of legends inspired Kingdom hearts inspired 30 years old woman a lot of freckles cute dyed blue hair BlueEyebrows purple eyes thin blue Brows small cheeks slight smile facing forward B cup breast realistic eyes shinny skin model looking wearing black leather jacket and red hexagon pattern battle armor dress with a big hole between Breasts with white tight leather sleeveswearing an Enormous white and dark red Superhero cape hanging behind her Dark red leather breastplate Gold Shoulder pads and wearing a white Cape with red stripes 1girl a hyperrealistic painting neo-romanticism lucy \cyberpunk\ blue hair chest strap elbow gloves gloves skirt wide sleeves medium breasts detatched sleeves black shorts fingerless gloves thighhighs Model Far away distant dramatic pose Wallpaper 8k hypernet:Laethilia_Miriel:0.8 robot joints:0.5 and mechanical parts Jacket Shorts lora:lucy_offset:1 illustration Belt lens 3 cm away from the face bodysuit white hair:1.4and blue hair:1.1andpink hair: 1.1 covered mouth covered navel detached sleeves grey eyes hip vent holding weapon lucy \cyberpunk\ bangs colored tips full moon medium hair short hair multicolored hair parted bangs parted lips portrait red eyeliner red lips cyberpunk \series\ cyberpunk edgerunners lora:lucy-000035:1.4 masterpiece best quality close-up straight on 1 girl unbelievably ridiculous detailed lighting lighting colorful gorgeous background dynamic angle delicate background shine1.2 {detailed light} High Detail Wide angle astronaut colorful eyes1.7 {{messy_hair}} extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper {{face close-up1.5}} cosmic background1.3 Beautiful detailed eyes overexposure side-parted bangs hair strands between eyebrows starry sky centered character pure black starry sky1.5 wind slit pupil standing on the moon clothing details1.4 the light1.2 mooth hd semirealistic anime cg concept art digital painting dynamic composition motion a lot of details amazing fine details and brush strokes crazy