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animeLeges danni2D_e5 envy_betterhands_beta2 spicybabes_v4 JoeLink SpicyBabes masterpiece realistic:1.3 extremely intricate:1.2 photorealistic:1.4 extremely delicate ultra realistic:1.3 hyperrealistic 3d render highly detailed illustration fantasy absurd res magazine cover a woman doing tempting pose sexy poses standing full body shot:1.2 simple background:1.2 white background perspective 1girl milf mature woman sexy office suit:1.2 shirt bra mini skirt panties huge boobs:1.2 earrings black choker smile extremely detailed face nice detailed eyes perfect eyes seductive eyes perfect hands detailed fingers beautiful detailed eyes brown eyes long pony tail hair looking at the viewer from below from front from back multiple views character turn around with same cloth charturnerv2 evocative Tanzanite Dazzling luster that sparkles brilliantly in the light Loose-fitting garment with gathered sleeves and ornate embroidery Mistress Average Height Firm Triangular Face Olive Skin Dark Brown Hair Brown Eyes with Green Flecks Long Nose Pouty Lips Receding Chin Long Hair Fine Hair Sleek Straight Hair augmented breasts Dangle earrings violet metallic lipstick Enigmatic portal shrouded in myth and beckoning to other realms art by zhang yimou photographed on a Canon 5D Mark II with Canon MPE65 lens 1/125th f/13 ISO 100 lora:sxz-niji-v2:0.4 nijistyle lora:animeLeges:0.2 beautylegs slim legs long legs high heels thighhighs stockings lace trim legwear lora:danni2D_e5:0.2 lora:odaNonStyle-v1.5newcraft:0.4 lora:envy_betterhands_beta2:1.35