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GuoFeng3.4 xiaolxl 国风3 GuoFeng3 Drunken with Lights and Swords: 1.8 Outdoor: 1.8 Bust Close-up: 2.9 solo: 3.8 1 ancient Chinese female warrior Exquisite face watery big eyes looking ahead beautiful heroic holding a jade bowl crystal clear bowl drinking wearing a sword drunk confused expression Hanfu classical medium chest noble looking up holding with one hand sexy jade earrings pendants gorgeous clothing gorgeous color matching gorgeous patterns aristocratic patterns decorations jewelry hairpins buns holding Ancient Wine Pot Romanticism Romantic Colors Classical Poetry Dream Scenes Golden Gove and Iron Horse Drunken Lying on One's Side Background Night Moonlight Many Red Lanterns Dim Lights Ancient Chinese Architecture Plum Blossoms Ancient Chinese Architecture: 1.8 Chinese Style: 1.8 Plum Blossom Scattering: 1.8 A Branch Full of Plum Blossoms Appears from One Corner of the Picture: 1.8 Close Up Above Thigh: 1.8 Close up: 2.8 Many Red Lanterns: 1.8 Sword: 1.8 Ancient Chinese Wine Pot on the Ground: 2.8 Sword on the Ground: 2.8 Moonlight: 1.6 Holding Head with One Hand Sitting on a Wild Stone: 2.6 Looking up and squinting Strong Wind: 1.6 Chinese Classical Style: 1.6 Crystal Clear Jade Bowl: 1.6 Drunken: 1.8 Liquor Sprinkled Plum Blossom: 1.6 Night: 2.7 Master Light: 1 9 Master Color: 1.9 Master Composition: 1.9 Masterpiece best 8k wallpaper illustrations high-definition image quality full of storytelling complex backgrounds exquisite details rich visual effects bright colors layered highlights shadows and details as well as cinematic quality exquisite and complex master works official works master lighting movie composition movie lighting master composition master color scheme 16K ultra clear Wallpaper