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Crystal Clear WarAnakin Crystal Clear XL crystalClearXL_ccxl Druid Tuatha Dé Danann Sidhe pronounced "shee" - Irish term for fairies or supernatural beings Gaelic Clans Fianna Shamrock Leprechaun Banshee Sídhe Ogham - Ancient Celtic alphabet Tara - Hill in Ireland historically linked to Irish kingship Beltane - Celtic festival marking the beginning of summer Samhain - Celtic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter the origin of modern Halloween Tír na nÓg - The Land of Youth a mythical realm in Irish mythology Morrigan - Goddess associated with fate death and war Dagda - A powerful god in Irish mythology associated with fertility and abundance Brigid - Goddess of healing poetry and smithcraft Cú Chulainn - Legendary hero of Irish mythology Fianna - Bands of warriors in Irish mythology led by heroes like Fionn mac Cumhaill Sí pronounced "shee" - Fairy mound or dwelling place Seanchaí - Traditional Irish storyteller Céilí - Traditional Irish social gathering with music and dancing Claddagh - Traditional Irish symbol representing love loyalty and friendship Bodhrán - Traditional Irish drum vibrant green sea cliffs ocean wild coast waves Fantasy-themed fantasy art swift brush strokes ugly Delta wintry weather Artus Scheiner Emmy Bridgwater Ayami Kojima psychedelic style . vibrant colors swirling patterns abstract forms surreal trippy Otto Piene Christopher Jin Baron Jim Mahfood watercolor painting . vibrant beautiful painterly detailed textural artistic