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aespaWinter_aespaWinterV1 epiNoiseoffset_v3 asamiya_athena FilmG2 a7b3_v10 kozue a7b3 photorealistic:1.4 extremely intricate:1.2 masterpiece extremery best quality:1.3 depth of field: absurdres ultra high res extremery detailed CG high resolution realistic ultra-detailed Photo hyperrealistic ultra-realistic hyper-detailed cinematic atmosphere 8k uhd insanely detailed trending on artstation award-winning glamour photograph highly detailed photo top quality best official art beautiful and aesthetic highres:1.5 looking at viewer 1girl solo aa1 purple hair long hair hairband necklace bike shorts earrings red dress puffy short sleeves white sleeves wristband fingerless gloves serious blush:0.8 open hand hold fists fighting stance:1.7 city sidewalk buildings night:1.5 city lights neon lights outdoors cyberpunk cozy street background:1.6 young cute beautiful 18-year-old girl:1.2 eye focus face focus:1.1 dutch angle cowboy shot :1.5 dynamic angle dynamic pose :1.2 medium breasts stunning innocent symmetry face emotional flat bangs studio ghibli bloom analog:1.2 painting digital painting concept art Oil Painting illustration :1.1 golden hour Classical art canvas texture Renaissance Romanticism Neoclassicism delicate brushwork fine detail Color Palette depth and contrast Vibrant colors rich saturation:1.2 color harmony vivid palette complementary colors {{{painted in the style of Abstract art}}} detail_face line_sketch design style multi style detail character massive detail Highly detailed concept render extreme detailed colorful highest detailed lomography analog photography:1.2 soft focus light leaks dreamy atmosphere experimental charm nostalgic appeal BREAK finely detailed face golden ratio golden ratio face expressive eyes perfect face perfect skin perfect body flawless face clear face shiny hair pale skin Proper body proportion perfect anatomy realistic skin texture luscious lips glossy lips natural makeup beautiful bright pupils slender figure intricate eyes detailed pupils detailed face and eyes aqua eyes longeyelashes :1.3 specular highlights atmospheric lighting lens flare realistic lighting cinematic lighting light in the face soft lighting saturated colors detailed background sharp focus 8k high definition 3d face beautiful girl pretty girlface kpop idol perspective Master Composition inematic roughness post-processing soft shadows realistic shadows ambient occlusion ray-tracing subsurface scattering photon mapping physically-based rendering octane rendering unreal engine 5 Adobe After FX dslr RTX Best character details radiosity sharp RAW photo photographed on a Sony Alpha 7 IV Full-frame Mirrorless Camera 85mm f/1.4 lens ISO 200 1/160s HDR 8k cinestill 800 8mm film grain cinematic film still fashion photography award-winner professional photograph film-like Kodak Portra 400 caustics Broad lighting