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_MoHawk_V2.0.fp16 x (1-alpha) + _MoHawk_V2.0_038.fp16 x alpha (0.0 0.0 0.0101273148148148 0.0393518518518519 0.0859375 0.148148148148148 0.224247685185185 0.3125 0.411168981481482 0.518518518518519 1.0 0.875289351851852 0.752314814814815 0.6328125 0.518518518518519 0.411168981481481 0.3125 0.224247685185184 0.148148148148148 0.0859375 0),0.0,0.0101273148148148,0.0393518518518519,0.0859375,0.148148148148148,0.224247685185185,0.3125,0.411168981481482,0.518518518518519,1.0,0.875289351851852,0.752314814814815,0.6328125,0.518518518518519,0.411168981481481,0.3125,0.224247685185184,0.148148148148148,0.0859375,0)" Aurety _MOHAWK_ social-themed cinematic film still different views of beautiful 1girl chilling in the Birmingham street award movie still of a 26 year old skinny english punk woman punk scooter 80's movie full body shot in front of punk music shop clear eyes:1.2 punk leather jacket:1.3 ruined mascara shadow eyes red lips large anarchy necklace punk shirt with thorns red skirt:1.3 large earrings many punk assets multiples tattoos on body gorgeous lips wearing a see through lace lingerie:1.3 stockings thin delicate deciduous petite cute freckles:0.7 visible areolae perky breasts goosebumps black long hairs piercings peoples looking at viewer extremely detailed face:1.2 extremely detailed eyes:1.2 masterpiece hyperrealistic absurdres full body character design high budget bokeh cinemascope moody epic gorgeous film grain grainy . Eerie unsettling dark spooky suspenseful grim highly detailed detailed skin texture blush:0.9 goosebumps:0.5 acne subsurface scattering RAW candid cinema 16mm color graded portra 400 film remarkable color ultra realistic textured skin remarkable detailed pupils realistic dull skin noise visible skin detail skin fuzz dry skin shot with cinematic camera blush:0.5
TugbaYurt01 consistentFactorEuclid_euclidV61 izlek Tuğba Yurt a photo of turkish woman tugbayurt with curly long hair with strands of hair falling on the face with messy finely processed sparse eyebrows with beautiful lips with thin upper lip brown eyes diamond earrings fine necklace shimmer blush face oil freckles:0.7 blao outfit she looking up viewer artgerm determined expression facial skin imperfections textured skin detailed skin texture remarkable detailed pupils on body skin remarkable detailed pupils on breasts skin visible body skin detail freckled body skin fuzz dry skin subsurface scattering pore details oiliness skin redness blemishes on breasts her breasts high-resolution textures Foundation - Lighter Shade on body skin Concealer - Lighter Shade on body skin Highlighter on body skin Brightening Primer on body skin Illuminating Powder on breast skin Color Corrector - Peach or Pink Tones sharp:0.7 colorful explosion psychedelic paint colors:1.21::0.05 amazing fine detail Nikon D850 film stock photograph Kodak Portra 400 camera f1.6 lens rich colors lifelike texture beautiful masterpiece best quality extremely detailed solo macro lora:TugbaYurt01:1 high Pixel Density Texture Rendering Micro-contrast Pore Visibility Pores are distinctly visible indicating minimal softening or noise reduction Fine Lines and Wrinkles skin Clearly delineated skin spots skin scars skin discolorations Even distribution of color values remarkable detailed pupils visible skin detail freckled face:0.4 blush:0.5 goosebumps:0.5 blemishes
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