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revAnimated_v122EOL ownwaifu Rogue | X-Men Animated Series (cartoon character) | ownwaifu CARTOON_X_MENs_Rogue ownwaifu long hair breasts brown hair green eyes lipstick makeup lips white hair two-tone hair headband wavy hair large breasts messy hair curly hair big_hair yellow bodysuit jacket gloves belt yellow gloves green bodysuit bodysuit multicolored bodysuit superhero skin tight multicolored clothes a red background with circles of bullet holes:1.21 a comic book panel:1.21 Craft an enthralling comic panel illustration that embodies the essence of Rogue from the X-Men universe. This artwork is intended to be of the highest quality displaying intricate details and dynamic shading that showcase the captivating presence of this iconic character. In the heart of the comic panel Rogue stands tall and proud her unique powers and personality on full display. She possesses a striking face with highly detailed features including her signature white streak in her brown hair. Her eyes are captivating conveying both strength and vulnerability. Rogue's iconic X-Men outfit is rendered with precision emphasizing her figure and the dramatic flow of her costume. The mood of the illustration should capture Rogue's complexity as a character balancing her strength and the burden of her powers. Her expression should reflect her determination and a sense of introspection. This artwork should tell a story about her character. The illustration should also feature highly detailed hair perfect facial proportions an extraordinarily detailed face highly detailed eyes detailed pupils and a perfect anatomy. The body should be highly detailed and anatomically correct showcasing Rogue's unique attributes. The artwork should be ultra-realistic with intricate details and perfect proportions. The comic panel background should enhance the overall presentation adding a dynamic and storytelling element to the illustration. The lighting should be carefully considered to enhance the character's realism. The color palette should be vibrant bringing out the essence of Rogue's character. This art prompt is tailored to capture the essence of Rogue from X-Men while maintaining an appropriate and respectful tone. lora:CARTOON_X_MEN90s_Rogue-15:0.9 lora:GoodHands-beta2:1