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epi_noiseoffset2 multiple_hands_v0.5 epicrealism_pureEvolutionV3 epinikion epiCRealism closeup POV of young 18yo caucasian girl walking through a crowded street of older men:1.5 no makeup boots dainty dress looking at camera In this captivating and awe-inspiring portrait we are introduced to a young and remarkably beautiful woman just 18 years of age who has skyrocketed to the pinnacle of celebrity status. What sets her apart from the rest is her unwavering commitment to embracing her natural beauty refusing to conform to society's expectations. With her ethereal charm and a face that could launch a thousand ships she captivates the hearts of millions without a trace of makeup. Adorned in a minimalist style she effortlessly exudes an air of elegance and sophistication. In this particular moment she has chosen to wear nothing baring her soul to the world and showcasing her unparalleled confidence. Her minimalist approach to fashion allows her natural features to shine unencumbered by the trappings of excessive clothing or accessories. However it is the delicate dainty gold jewelry she wears that adds a subtle hint of luxury and refinement to her ensemble. Each piece meticulously chosen tells a story of her success and discerning taste. The shimmering gold accents serve as a testament to her achievements but they never overshadow her innate beauty. As she gracefully navigates through a bustling scene surrounded by a sea of people she becomes the focal point of attention. Heads turn gazes linger and whispers of admiration fill the air. Yet she remains unaffected by the constant scrutiny radiating an aura of self-assuredness that only adds to her allure. The crowded environment seems to part like the Red Sea as she moves through it her presence casting a spell on those in her proximity. People from all walks of life are drawn to her compelled by an invisible force that emanates from her very being. She effortlessly commands attention without demanding it a true testament to her magnetic presence. In this mesmerizing portrait we bear witness to the embodiment of natural beauty and inner strength. She stands as a beacon of empowerment challenging societal norms and redefining the standards of beauty. Her choice to embrace her natural self and eschew the need for makeup serves as a powerful reminder that true beauty lies within and that confidence and self-acceptance are the most valuable accessories one can possess. As she continues her journey through life this young woman's impact reaches far beyond the realm of celebrity. She becomes an inspiration for countless individuals encouraging them to embrace their own unique beauty and celebrate their authentic selves. In a world that often prioritizes surface-level aesthetics she stands tall reminding us all that beauty is not confined to a makeup palette or a designer label but rather it is a reflection of the love and acceptance we have for ourselves. lora:epi_noiseoffset2:0.5 boob grab:1.5 torso grab arm grab multiple hands:1.3 molestation:1.5 lora:multiple_hands_v0.5:1
RPGBanditXL duchaitenAiartSDXL_v20 DucHaiten DucHaiten-AIart-SDXL A stunningly beautiful and fierce woman stands in a dimly lit mysterious forest. She exudes a rebellious aura with her long flowing hair and eyes that sparkle with defiance. Dressed in a blend of rugged leather and elegant fabrics she appears both dangerous and alluring. In her hand she holds a finely crafted sword a symbol of her strength and skill. The background is a misty landscape suggesting an epic journey. The lighting is dramatic casting shadows that add to the mystery and intensity of the scene. The overall mood is one of adventure romance and a hint of danger break Beautiful female bandit lora:RPGBanditXL:0.6 solo slim:1.2 perfect anatomy Rebellious aura Long flowing hair Sparkling defiant eyes Rugged leather attire Elegant fabric Finely crafted sword Mysterious forest Misty landscape Dramatic lighting Shadowy ambiance Adventure and romance Hint of danger extremely delicate and beautiful Ecuadorian girl perfect eyes intricately detailed beautiful Glittering eyes looking at viewer intricately detailed skin Rays of light:1.2 Indomitable spirit Fearless determination Resilient warrior Unyielding courage Fierce resolve Steadfast defiance Bold defiance Tenacious fighter Empowered bravery Warrior spirit middle earth Alchemist Mixing together volatile chemicals to create powerful explosives Phenom Tall Narrow Hips Round Face Fair Skin White Hair Hazel Eyes Wide Nose Pouty Lips Sharp Chin Shoulder-Length Hair Wavy Hair Fauxhawk soft breasts Dangle earrings terracotta gloss lipstick A sprawling castle perched high on a rocky cliff overlooking the sea Tolkien break armor belt boots cape cloak corset fingerless gloves fire gauntlets gloves hood hooded cloak jewelry knife lantern mask midriff mole mole under mouth mouth mask navel necklace pouch scar weapon Ethereal Fortress of the Elven King Terracotta Incandescent Outdoor Lamps Wall Washing details:1.2: many small details:1.3 : many ultrasmall details: 1.2:very detailed ultrasmall edges and microrelief:1.5:0.7 : 0.4 :0.2 break close up:4 Handheld Shot artistic atmosphere LUT-adjusted vintage cinematic colors and textures highlighted features cinematic mood Bewitching film grain lifelike ac_neg1 break best quality masterpiece dark shot best shadow:1.3 highres raw photo photorealistic ultra high res professional absurdres ultra detailed extremely detailed intricately detailed HDR UHD 64K