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AnyCharacter koreandolllikenessV20_v20 specimenGirl_10 masteryanshi AnyCharacterMix (Baked Vae) Masterpiece: 1.8 Highest quality: 2.0 Ultra high resolution: 2.5 Amazing lighting techniques Perfect anatomy without flaws Hyperrealistic face Saturated colors Incomparable image quality: 2.5 Light and shadow techniques beautiful to the extreme Ingenious design A girl whose face is covered in various piercings tattoos and beyond. Deep red brands are under her eyes metal decorations densely around nostrils and lips. Large dangling earrings head also attached with various eyebrow piercings. Around the neck scattered with tattoos and chains wrists also piled up with chains. This Emo girl is crouching on a cartoon-style park bench focusing on reading forbidden and critical works of fiction. Her dyed hair covers her lowered eyebrows with melancholy and alienation visible in her eyes. Around children laughing and shouting with their mothers but she seems oblivious to all external stimulation. Composition Exaggerated Packing Commanding attention Style Emo Stylish Action Reading Desc Emo girl Colors burgundy red black Lighting Shadow Framing Half body Details Hairstyle Makeup Accessories Equipment Books Epoch Popular Emo Weather Sunny Aesthetics Gloomy dissatisfied Mood Lonely isolation Material Silk Leather Metal Weather Sunny Emotion Feeling displeasure Surroundings Cartoon park Bench Children Additional element Convenience store The presence of this colorful Emo girl is fully felt strangely changing the entire cartoon landscape. Her seemingly lonely silhouette permeates the atmosphere of the park.