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detail_slider_v4 majicmixRealistic_v7 ruanyi blue suit 1girl lora:GoodHands-beta2:1 front view stiletto heels lora:detail_slider_v4:0.9 full body standing lora:thicc_v2.3身材管理:1.5 pink background hime style straight hair hime cut:1.3 blunted bangs draped hair cascading hair flowing hair solo lora:blue suit_v1:0.6 thighhighs cat ears blue sailor collar sailor collar blue legwear animal_ears fake_animal_ears choker navel thigh_strap thong panties blue_skirt pleated_skirt Low Angle shooting super wide lens:1.1 dramatic gritty intense:1.4 full body:1.7 long legs skinny legs:1.5 Milky skin shiny skin:1.5 Best quality masterpiece ultra high res photorealistic:1.4 8K raw photo fractal art:1.4 highly detailed official art flawless exquisite details and textures high quality texture detailed texture intricate details delicate and beautiful 8K wallpaper DSLR natural lighting dynamic lighting professional lighting realistic shadow natural shading soft lighting cinematic lighting photon mapping depth of field HDR sharp focus pretty girl supermodel extremely detailed face beautiful elegant face realistic face goddess aura a face of perfect proportion slender face symmetric eyes finely detailed beautiful eyes brown eyes thin lips:1.4 blunt bangs wavy hair short hair:1.4 realistic hair realistic skin texture slim waist thigh_gap perfect anatomy realistic body skinny slender fit body beautiful detailed thigh human body ratio perfect body proportions curvy body beautiful legs long legs:1.3