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Modelshoot style images generated with AI

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StableDiffusionVN SDVN5-3DCuteWave 00183-3582378845.txt art by Steven Outram 3d blender render solo Ultra detailed:1.3 hyperrealistic color professional full length body portrait:1.4 1 girl photo of Vietnamese 18 yo short black wavy hair extremely detailed skin detailed face:1.2 holding lotus flower hyperrealistic on human facial skin detailed texture taut ags under the eyes expression lines nasolabial folds contour luster pores supple skin pores detailed full lips hyperrealist high detailed hair visible legs hyperrealistic detailed wearing pink camisole with lotus motif black pant aoyem made by brocade silk fabric wearing black long pants made by brocade silk fabric wearing high heels on foot realistic detailed eyes attractive nature sexy educative shaded pose alluring eyes small breasts:1.1 rainning wet hair wet clothes sitting on a wooden plank submerged in water pants wet camisole half wet in the the lotus flower pond:1.3 hyperrealistic lotus flower river background visible pores:0.3 high detailed skin:0.9 intense modelshoot style intricate detail imperceptible detail artesian masterpiece DSLR DLSR photo shots of the most beautiful artwork in the world photographed on a Sony Alpha 1 Camera RAW photo ultra-detailed RAW color wide angle sharp outline sharp focus on face depth of field 8K UHD diffused soft light soft lighting lens flare natural warm lighting light from above strong front main lighting halo crystal clear high res photorealistic depth layering physically-based rendering wide shot full body:1.5 majestic Afropunk F/5 lora:AoYem_V10_4rp_9ep_1e-4:1.5:OUTD lora:iu_V35:0.8lora:add_detail:1.0 Negative prompt: 2 heads duplicate blurry abstract disfigured deformed cartoon animated toy figure framed 3d bad art poorly drawn extra limbs close up b&w weird colors watermark blur haze 2 heads long neck elongated body cropped image out of frame draft deformed hands twisted fingers double image malformed hands multiple heads extra limb ugly poorly drawn hands missing limb cut-off over satured grain lowères bad anatomy poorly drawn face mutation mutated floating limbs disconnected limbs out of focus long body disgusting extra fingers groos proportions missing arms mutated hands cloned face missing legs text logo contact error cropped username artist name worst quality low quality:1.4 monochrome illustration 2d painting cartoons sketch worst quality:1.9 low quality:1.9 normal quality:1.9 low-res bad hands vaginas in breasts grayscale collapsed eyeshadow multiple eyebrows oversaturated missing limbs imperfect signature conjoined fingers deformed fingers ugly eyes imperfect eyes skewed eyes unnatural face unnatural body bad image bad photo bad-hands-5 FastNegativeV2 Steps: 32 Sampler: DPM++ SDE Karras CFG scale: 7 Seed: 3582378845 Size: 512x768 Model hash: 2d21dd1773 Model: SDVN5-3DCuteWave Denoising strength: 0.5 Clip skip: 2 ENSD: 31337 ADetailer model: ADetailer confidence: 0.3 ADetailer dilate/erode: 4 ADetailer mask blur: 4 ADetailer denoising strength: 0.4 ADetailer inpaint only masked: True ADetailer inpaint padding: 32 ADetailer version: 23.7.2 Hires upscale: 2 Hires steps: 10 Hires upscaler: 4x-UltraSharp Eta: 0.68