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IronCatMan Outfit_Guitars Char_Meme_Civitaichan Char_HonkaiStarRail_Kafka Char_Fate_Saber Char_Fate_TohsakaRinFate Char_VTuber_TsunomakiWatame Char_FireEmblem_Felicia Char_MGR_JetstreamSam Char_OC_JustTNP Char_OC_ElieMacDowell NaoyaV3 yuuki_nanase Char_DressUpDarling_Marin KazukiAdapt BloodsplashOCv1 SatonakaChieLORA Char_DMC_Vergil DipDyedHair Char_Meme_Peepy meinamix_meinaV11 Meina MeinaMix camp fire christmas presents on snow outdoor night scene snowing christmas hat yeti stop sign 1 giant cat peeking out of a tree yeti playing an electric guitar snow guitar electric guitar lora:Outfit_Guitars:0.8 lora:Char_Meme_Civitaichan:0.8 civitai-chan braided bangs multicolored hair black hair blue hair blue eyes necklace labcoat shirt shirt tucked in single vertical stripe black skirt pencil skirt pantyhose lora:Char_HonkaiStarRail_Kafka:1 Kafka purple eyes jacket lora:Char_Fate_Saber:0.85 artoria pendragon \fate\ dress armor lora:Char_Fate_TohsakaRinFate:0.8 tohsaka rin long hair thighhighs skirt black thighhighs lora:Char_VTuber_TsunomakiWatame:0.9 Tsunomaki Watame lora:Char_FireEmblem_Felicia:0.9 feliciarnd lora:Char_MGR_JetstreamSam:0.75 Jetstream Sam facial hair male focus beard cyborg lora:Char_OC_JustTNP:0.8 justtnp heterochromia formal black jacket black necktie black pants lora:Char_OC_ElieMacDowell:0.9 elie macdowell green eyes hairband lora:AhsokaS7_V1-Manityro-dadapt:1 lora:NaoyaV3:1 lora:persona3_yuki-10:1 lora:tow-concept-richy-v2:0.8 towlauncher tripod scope lora:yuuki_nanase:1 lora:Char_DressUpDarling_Marin:1 kitagawa marin blonde hair red eyes jewelry earrings piercing sunglasses choker lora:KazukiAdapt:1 kazami kazuki silver hair lora:BloodsplashOCv1:1 Bloodsplash lora:SatonakaChieLORA:1 satonaka chie lora:Char_DMC_Vergil:0.75 vergildmc5 lora:DipDyedHair:0.8 side-swept bangs messy mid ponytail thick eyebrows freckles pink IncursioDipDyedHair lora:Char_Meme_Peepy:1 peepy
envy_betterhands_beta2 add_sharpness jernaumix_v10 FroggyWoggy Kotomi Hanamori - Shihai no Kyoudan (支配の教壇) masterpiece realistic:1.3 extremely intricate:1.2 photorealistic:1.4 extremely delicate ultra realistic:1.3 hyperrealistic 3d render hyperrealistic photography extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper HDR RAW photo dslr instagram most viewed:1.3 trending on CGSociety looking at viewer realistic LUT cinematic LUT anthro creature realistic photorealistic ultra high res:1.2 delicate colorful vibrant colors amazing scene lighting light on front face:1.3 bokeh full body shot:1.2 from front front lighting fantasy intricate elegant highly detailed lifelike digital painting artstation illustration concept art smooth sharp focus extremely detailed magazine cover-style digital painting magazine cover-style:1.3 adding a touch of fantasy to the scene the text on the cover should be bold and attention-grabbing with the title of the magazine and a catchy headline the overall style should be modern and trendy with a focus on fashion and fantasy helvetica-bold a realistic portrait photo of a real life version of fwkotomi korean beauty korean mixed:1.2 ulzzang-6500-v1.1:0.4 pureerosface_v1:1.1 lora:manhwa_shihainoKyoudan_kotomiHanamori_v10:1:ins detailed face:1.3 big eyes eyeshadow long eyelashes red lips eyes_smile blush evil smiling dynamic pose detailed skin:1.3 Glossy skin + Shiny skin:1.4 red hair:1.4 very long hair straight hair:1.3 pinstripe skirt short skirt white shirt frills underbust corset pencil skirt pantyhose hair ribbon:1.3 hairclip:1.2 stud earrings lace choker skinny:1.3 hourglass body gigantic breasts:1.2 cleavage narrow waist:1.1 abs thick thighs:1.3 long legs slim legs pantyhose:1.3 high heels A bustling cultural district filled with modern art galleries theaters and performance venues lora:envy_betterhands_beta2:1.2 lora:add_sharpness:1.4