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Batgirl LivenAnimeDigi Konan Batgirl - The Killing Joke - Character LORA 1girl barbara gordon bat girl latex suit clothed nipples shiny outfit gotham city at night from below looking at viewer domino mask medium breasts long hair brown hair smirk dynamic pose lora:Batgirl:0.6 The poster could highlight Batgirl poised on the edge of a gothic gargoyle jutting out from one of Gotham's towering skyscrapers. Her silhouette cuts a striking figure against the moonlit skyline embodying the vigilant guardian of the city's restless nights. Clad in her iconic suit Batgirl's powerful stance is accentuated by her flowing cape that ripples in the cool night breeze mirroring the undulating darkness that enshrouds Gotham. Her mask with its piercing white eyes gives nothing away but unwavering resolve embodying the enigmatic spirit of her alter ego. In one hand she clutches her trusty baton a beacon of justice shining in the heart of Gotham ready to spring into action at the first sign of trouble. Her other hand firmly grips the edge of the gargoyle underlining her readiness to swoop down into the chaos below. The backdrop is a panoramic view of Gotham City under a moonlit sky. The cityscape bristles with jagged silhouettes of skyscrapers backlit by the glow of a thousand lights each a story each a potential call to action. Far below the city streets pulse with life dotted with moving headlights and shadowed figures while the gleaming Gotham River winds its serpentine course through the city's heart. The atmosphere is thick with anticipation the stillness before the storm an embodiment of Batgirl's unending watch over her city. The imagery blends the grim aesthetic of Gotham with the unwavering symbol of hope that Batgirl represents a paradox as captivating as the heroine herself
nightvisionXLPhotorealisticPortrait_beta0681Bakedvae Polyhedron_AI Polyhedron_all SDXL 1.0 / skin, hands, eyes (m/f) fashion shot pictorialist style sharp focus celluloid's unique character film grain focus on eyes raw photo realistic:1.5 rule of thirds dramatic lighting intricate background realism raw analog woman portrait photorealistic realism in the style of nathan wirth dean cornwell toni frissell hyperrealistic life ricoh r1 illustration ultra detailed photograph warm lighting 4k high resolution 8k uhd dslr high quality Fujifilm XT3 close up side portrait of a beautiful girl in a victorian rose garden:1.1 smirk she is wearing a victorian summer dress lace detailing vintage elegance romantic charm high neckline puffed sleeves ruffled accents femininity embroidered details pastel colors tea-length classic timeless empire waist flare skirt corset-inspired silhouette nostalgic enchanting dappled light on face no make-up detailed face and eyes detailed nose exquisite details and textures highly detailed detailed skin detailed eyes very thin eyebrows pale skin natural skin texture highly detailed skin:1.1 textured skin oiled shiny skin:0.5 skin blemish:1.3 moles:0.8 imperfect skin:1.5 intricate skin details visible skin detail detailed skin texture:1.1 oiled shiny ultra white skin:0.6 mascara skin pores:1.1 light freckles:0.3 skin fuzz blush:0.5 goosebumps:0.5 translucent skin subsurface scattering minor skin imperfections:1.2 wrinkles vitiligo spots brown spots:0.01 whiteheads blackheads white pimples:0.01 red pimples:0.01 beauty spot skin fuzz intense gaze round iris:1.1 circular iris:1.2 light reflections in the eyes visible cornea highly detailed iris tiny blood vessels in the eyes remarkable detailed pupils lora:polyhedron_all_sdxl-000005:0.5