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Kafka LoRA Style_HSRSplashArt Char_HonkaiStarRail_Kafka Other_MoreDetails Char_LordOtako_Kafka Char_AstreaPixie_Kafka Char_justTNP_Kafka Char_novowels_Kafka Char_wrench1815_Kafka Char_YuruSama_Kafka Char_ChameleonAI_Kafka Char_Manityro_Kafka Char_fireemblemfan_Kafka Char_richyrich515_Kafka Char_za4beqsbv36z2s889_Kafka Char_fitCorder_Kafka Char_Fenchurch_Kafka Char_Lykon_Kafka Char_LAX_Kafka Char_NoviSini_Kafka Char_Zipsy_Kafka Char_KXRO_Kafka Char_Anzhc_Kafka Char_TNitro_Kafka Char_Axmoc_Kafka Char_Yebai01_Kafka Char_zakp_Kafka Char_Eisthol_Kafka Char_GoofyAi_Kafka Char_ForkY_Kafka Char_JTZ_Kafka Char_Pumpkinhn_Kafka Char_TwoMoreTimes89_Kafka sardonyxREDUX_v10 civitai Sardonyx REDUX Highly detailed High Quality Masterpiece beautiful solo 1girl splash art lora:Style_HSRSplashArt:1 Kafka purple eyes jacket lora:Char_FallenIncursio_Kafka:1 lora:Other_MoreDetails:0.5 night night sky starry sky starry lora:Char_LordOtako_Kafka:1 KafkaHKS lora:Char_AstreaPixie_Kafka:0.8 lora:Char_justTNP_Kafka:1 lora:Char_novowels_Kafka:1 hsr_kafka lora:Char_wrench1815_Kafka:1 kafkav1 lora:Char_YuruSama_Kafka:0.8 KafkaHSR lora:Char_ChameleonAI_Kafka:1 lora:Char_Manityro_Kafka:0.9 lora:Char_fireemblemfan_Kafka:0.8 lora:Char_richyrich515_Kafka:1 lora:Char_za4beqsbv36z2s889_Kafka:1 lora:Char_fitCorder_Kafka:1 lora:Char_Fenchurch_Kafka:1 kafka \honkai: star rail\ lora:Char_Lykon_Kafka:1 origin lora:Char_LAX_Kafka:1 lora:Char_NoviSini_Kafka:1 kafka hsr lora:Char_Zipsy_Kafka:0.7 KafkaV4 lora:Char_KXRO_Kafka:0.8 lora:Char_Anzhc_Kafka:1 lora:Char_TNitro_Kafka:0.7 kfk lora:Char_Axmoc_Kafka:0.8 lora:Char_Yebai01_Kafka:1 star-kafka lora:Char_zakp_Kafka:0.7 lora:Char_Eisthol_Kafka:0.6 lora:Char_GoofyAi_Kafka:0.9 lora:Char_ForkY_Kafka:0.6 lora:Char_JTZ_Kafka:0.7 official lora:Char_Pumpkinhn_Kafka:0.9 KafkaSR lora:Char_TwoMoreTimes89_Kafka:0.7
StableDiffusionVN SDVN5-3DCuteWave 00176-42849024.txt 1boy Anime style ultra instinct super saiyan Vegeta platinum blonde hair Full body wet skin Wet hair night sky rain hyperdetailed painting luminism art by Carne Griffiths and Wadim Kashin concept art 4k resolution fractal isometrics details bioluminescens 3d render octane render intricately detailed cinematic trending on arts tation Isometric Centered hype reallistic cover photo awesome full color hand drawn gritty intricate hit definition Rough sketch bold lines on paper. masterpiece ultra realistic 32k extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper best qualitylora:add_detail:1.0 Negative prompt: 2 heads elongated body 2 faces cropped image out of frame draft deformed hands signatures twisted fingers double image long neck malformed hands multiple heads extra limb ugly poorly drawn hands missing limb disfigured cut-off kitsch over saturated grain low-res Deformed blurry bad anatomy poorly drawn face mutation mutated floating limbs disconnected limbs out of focus long body disgusting poorly drawn mutilated mangled extra fingers duplicate artefacts morbid gross proportions missing arms mutated hands mutilated hands cloned face missing legs signature watermark Multiple bodies 2 heads text heterochromia watermark logo contact error cropped username artist name worst quality low quality:1.4 Steps: 32 Sampler: DPM++ SDE Karras CFG scale: 7 Seed: 42849024 Size: 768x1024 Model hash: 2d21dd1773 Model: SDVN5-3DCuteWave Clip skip: 2 ENSD: 31337 ADetailer model: ADetailer confidence: 0.3 ADetailer dilate/erode: 4 ADetailer mask blur: 4 ADetailer denoising strength: 0.4 ADetailer inpaint only masked: True ADetailer inpaint padding: 32 ADetailer version: 23.7.2 Eta: 0.68
lucyCyberpunk_35Epochs LoraJapaneseIdolCostume_v10 koreandolllikeness_V10 beautifuleyeslikeness_purefacelikeness fantasticmixReal_v30 michin fantasticmix 1girl teenage lucy \cyberpunk\ white jacket open jacket short shorts bodysuit detached sleeves hip vent pouch white hair bangs:1.6 asymmetric hair:1.1 short hair multicolor hair beautiful detailed hair hair blowing red eyeliners midriff smile naughty face detailed face white skin big eyes looking at viewer:1.4 from below facing viewer latexbodysuit covered navel covered mouth kneehighs red circles on the eyes v-shaped_eyebrows outdoors:1.5 electronic instruments wires and water pipes unreal engine fine portrayal Cyberpunk:1.2 bright focusing Tindal effect HD photography style pink or green neon from back :1.2 night sky highways light signs road stars starry sky moon light detailed clear ripple Colorful aurora dynamic luminous strong dynamic poses various clutter and mess in background:1.1 lush detailed stunning dynamic perspective shot medium shot portrait colorful light vanishing point atmospheric perspective masterpiece best quality award-winning work 8k RAW photo huge filesize absurdres ultra high res best shadow physics-based rendering an extremely delicate and beautiful extremely detailed amazing finely detail official art beautiful detailed girl light on face:1.2 hyperrealistic:1.5 High quality facial lighting:1.2 cinematic lighting intricate High Detail dramatic photorealistic:1.2 lora:lucyCyberpunk_35Epochs:0.7 lora:LoraJapaneseIdolCostume_v10:0.3 lora:koreandolllikeness_V10:0.2 lora:beautifuleyeslikeness_purefacelikeness:0.3