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3sdxlmix svetjekolem Realistic-Digital-Genius-SDXL photorealistic raw full body photo is a stunning real woman. in old sports clothes vibrant small breasts: 1.5 T-shirt and skirt 30 years old The camera lens used in this picture is {LEICA M11} {35mm}{f/1.2} which provides a shallow depth of field and soft the bokeh effect which shows her whole body standing in the dark by a small broken window with rusted frames is in the center of the frame and her eyes are looking directly into the camera. with warm and natural skin very detailed facial features . the expression shows fear but also a sad look dynamic pose movement slim body toned body perfect face seductive eyes smoky makeup slim athletic body fog light breeze in hair The lighting of this image is soft and natural the face is slightly lit to show every detail on her face and her smirk the seductive_smile and the moonlight coming from the broken window but also the shadows that can be seen in the room. it is black outside the window. the resulting colors correspond to professional retro photography dark black hazy light. professionally lit scene . in a destroyed factory hall destroyed factory hall scratched walls broken ceiling graffiti wall dirt realistic spooky atmosphere blurred background depth of field shining light broken window light photo scratched graffiti wall mess dark night shadows darkness dust interior realistic ominous clouds rain reflection from water drops drops running down the window rainy weathergrunge texture 8k hyperrealistic dark night realistic face detail realistic hair detail moonlight dusk professionally lit face uhd dslr best quality professional photography abandoned place mysterious atmosphere bokeh cinema Hyperrealism reflection dark shadow analog arranged studio hyperrealism: 1.5 studio studio quality glass window refraction ghetto professionally lit focus on face street style slight mimic wrinkles eyeliner provocative expression red lips slightly visible spots on the face Woman