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epiNoiseoffset_v3 FilmVelvia breakdomainrealistic_R2333 rerorerorero A-Mecha Musume A素体机娘 best quality extremery best quality masterpiece:1.5 realistic intricate details:1.2 photorealistic:1.4 extremely intricate:1.2 highres ultra highres ultra-detailed absurdres incredibly absurdres extremely detailed high quality high resolution hyperrealistic ultra-realistic hyper-detailed top quality best fine detail massive detail Highly detailed extreme detailed highest detailed high-res absolutely resolution reflection refraction:1.4 BREAK 1girl solo looking at viewer flat bangs young cute beautiful 18-year-old girl:1.1 3d face beautiful girl Beautiful face pretty girlface kpop idol supermodel stunning innocent symmetry face hand of Guido Daniele perfect body medium breast slim waist slim legs high detailed skin:1.2 glowing eyes goddess natural skin texture shiny skin White skin Beautiful detailed face detailed face real skin texture cute delicate face finely detailed face golden ratio golden ratio face expressive eyes perfect face perfect skin flawless face clear face shiny hair pale skin Proper body proportion perfect anatomy realistic skin texture luscious lips glossy lips natural makeup beautiful bright pupils slender figure intricate eyes detailed pupils detailed face and eyes longeyelashes blush good hand perfect hands pretty face beautiful female bodies finely detailed skin oily shiny skin mecha musume mechanical parts super robot joints robot joints single mechanical arm mechanical arms headgear mechanical halo star halo intricate mechanical bodysuit mecha corset bodysuit full armor ember battlefield volumetric fog grey mist smoke explosion apocalyptic destroyed city background buildings on fire:1.3 floating colorful sparkles:1.2 energy beams:1.3 highly detailed worn metal texture:1.3 rust dirt dust scratches abrasions on the metal texture:1.2 science fiction Pink hair pink theme pink livery pink eyes:1.3 very long hair A human who emits an aura from his body:1.4 Pink energy light emanates from the body:1.4 fullbody:1.3 fly:1.3 lightning discharge lightning effects:1.2 electrocution:1.3 Luminescent Particles:1.4 holding gun battle adventurous look starry sky colorful refraction Wormhole world futuristic cityscape cyberpunk machine extremely metal textured neon lights night:1.4 wind Rembrandt lighting space warp fog pixel art game art key visual surreal PBR Texturing Anisotropic Filtering Maximum Clarity And Sharpness Albedo And Specular Maps Multi-Layered Textures Surface Shading Sub-Pixel Convolution Accurate Simulation Of Light-Material Interaction blurry foreground broad light volumetric light effect matte painting perfectly defined features volumetric lighting Tone Mapping Lumen Reflections Global illumination Ray Tracing Screen Space Global Illumination Accent Lighting 32k Natural Lighting volumetric cinematic masterpiece Rule of thirds high dynamic range Multi-exposure HDR capture cinematic render game cg cinematic atmospheric perspective movie scene epic dynamic frame motion blur cinematic look Film look rim light 4k textures adobe lightroom photolab insane details hyperdetailed exposure blend professional color grading professional color correction aerial perspective particles and dust in beams of light cinematic scene dynamic lighting sharp details lomography soft focus light leaks bold hues atmospheric depth explosive light and shadow:1.2 aesthetics intricate designs ultra realistic digital art zentangle mandala tangle entangle fractal art elegant vivid colours floating particles particles dramatic epic ink drawing oil painting detailed dramatic lighting:1.2 eye focus face focus character focus close-up face:1.3 dutch angle cowboy shot:1.1 RAW huge filesize extremery detailed CG Photo 8k uhd cinematic atmosphere trending on artstation award-winning glamour photograph highly detailed photo official art beautiful and aesthetic unity 8k wallpaper beautiful highly detailed CG illustration best illustration intricate Amazing emotional analog painting digital painting concept art Oil Painting illustration Classical art Renaissance Romanticism Neoclassicism Color Palette depth and contrast Vibrant colors saturated rich saturation color harmony vivid palette design style detail character concept render colorful analog photography dreamy atmosphere specular highlights atmospheric lighting dynamic angle dynamic pose :1.3 shiny clothes reflecting light lens flare bloom effect light particle lens glare:1.3 realistic lighting cinematic light cinematic lighting light in the face soft lighting saturated colors detailed background sharp focus 8k high definition perspective Master Composition roughness post-processing soft shadows realistic shadows ambient occlusion subsurface scattering photon mapping physically-based rendering octane rendering unreal engine 5 ue5 rendering Adobe After FX dslr RTX Best character details radiosity sharp antialiased RAW photo HDR 8k 4k Photographed by Roger Deakins using a RED Monstro 8K VV camera and a series of high-end lenses Hasselblad photography film grain:1.4 Kodak portra 400 Fujifilm X-T5 professional photograph depth of field caustics Broad lighting diffuse lighting rim lighting two tone lighting textile details visible pores high resolution scan professionally color graded photographic reality automatic white balance best lighting detailed shadow high contrast strong light and shadow PureErosFace_V1:0.5 ulzzang-6500:0.5 lora:epiNoiseoffset_v3:0.1 kbxll:0.6 lora:FilmVelvia:0.1 lora:A-RandomSupermecha musume full armor:0.8
zyd232_CyberneticJawless_v1_1 cbpkv5 sdxlHK_v075 Ciro_Negrogni SDXL HK whole body whole body,Satellite View long shot scenic professional photograph of concept art neonpunk style Cyberpunk 2077 Reimagined Image Contest!. ULTRA GOD DETAILED 8K CG. DARK FUTURE. SFW:1.1. Woman. Luxurious. Ambitious. Powerful. Glamor. Influence. Technological. Privileged. Wealth. Elegant. Corporate. Implants. Money. Control. Fashion. Political. High society. Cyberimplants. Prestige. Chance. Secrets. lora:zyd232_CyberneticJawless_v1_1:0.4Cybernetic_Jawless Mask mechanical parts cybernetic. delightful anatomy:1.1 gloomy illumination insane stunning dramatic completed artwork HQ:1.1 Apterus anatomy Dan mumford style:1.2. Amazing anatomy fantastic horror perfect art 64k ultra hd:1.1 art by apterus art by dan mumford art by lovecraft:1.2 best quality 500px cgsociety. lora:cbpkv5:0.5cbpkv5. lora:LuxTech-20:0.5GOLD. lora:RenataGlascLoL-AnythingV5:0.8Renata Glasc. Futuristic technological dystopian decadent violent neon cyberimplants inequality megacorporations criminality hackers influence luxurious underground divided society implacable power punk aesthetics urban chaos free will. a cunning and ruthless woman. determinated to achieve her goals . cyberpunk vaporwave vibes vibrant stunningly beautiful crisp detailed sleek ultramodern magenta highlights dark purple shadows high contrast cinematic ultra detailed intricate professional . digital artwork illustrative painterly matte painting highly detailed perfect viewpoint wide-angle lens hyper realistic with dramatic sky polarizing filter natural lighting vivid colors everything in sharp focus HDR UHD 64K
Bz~Q?]b| Q[ XI_inkwashLoraV10 XRYCJ 绪儿-女帝 dramatic gritty intense:1.4 masterpiece best quality 8k insane details intricate details hyperdetailed hyper quality high detail ultra detailed Dynamic Angle:1.5 wide-angle lens Panoramic:1.2 cyberpunk Depth of field chinese style architecture cyberpunk city light pollution rainy night wet cropped shoulders cyberpunk science fiction workshop shiny skin {Extremely Delicate Beautiful} Chinese style clothes Chinese Han clothing White and blue Taoist robe colored china dress hybrid messy_hair multicolored hair colored tips shiny hair exoskeleton mechanical joints mechanical parts internal structure detailed structure hair rings mechanical internal structure delicate internal structure cables wires pistons electricity glowing orbs luminous engine energy cannon energy core cables connected to body wire connected to body robotic arms Electronic collar 3d 3d render ray tracing 1 group of women in qipao eating Hot pot:1.4 heterochromia sitting around a round table:1.2 in a traditional noodle restaurant chopsticks:1.5 in hand slurping noodles smiling and chatting:1.2 red lipstick:1.1 long hair:1.1 styled in classic Chinese fashion floral patterns:1.2 on their qipao dresses brightly colored steaming bowls of noodles:1.4 on the table with chopsticks and soup spoons beside them traditional decorations:1.1 on the walls such as lanterns and calligraphy cyber screen frame:1.3 cyberpunk Colorless goggles:1.2 1 large round table filled with vegetables and food abundant variety:1.3 colorful display of fresh produce vibrant fruits:1.2 leafy greens:1.1 crisp vegetables:1.1 juicy berries:1.2 aromatic herbs:1.1 grains and legumes:1.1 assorted nuts and seeds:1.2 delicious pastries:1.3 mouth-watering desserts:1.2 appetizing dishes:1.1 platters of salads:1.2 bowls of soups:1.1 plates of roasted vegetables:1.2 colorful smoothies:1.3 glass pitchers of refreshing drinks:1.2 utensils and cutlery:1.1 neatly arranged creating a feast for the eyes and a celebration of healthy and flavorful cuisine queen lora:~Q?-Ys^queen:1