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epiNoiseoffset_v3 add_detail more_details ChineseDragon_v2 LowRA majicmixFantasy_v20 L_A_X [LoRa] Riding Monster/怪獣騎士 Concept realistic photorealistic best quality masterpiece ultra high res finely detailed quality realistic lighting detailed skin intricate details raw photo absurdres highres ultra detailed BREAK 1girl solo looking at viewer 16 years old poster portrait close up key visual beautifu and aesthetic face nice hands hand of Guido Daniele:1.5 detailed background detailed face riding monster Riding a dragon:1.5 film view Exaggerated Perspective holding lightning up in one hand pink theme chinesedragon eastern dragon Dragon Scale Dragon Horn Dragon Claw dragon tongue sharp dragon teeth pink white dragon pink outfit hanfu hanfu skirt pink braids white bows thigh boots wide sleeves long sleeves Chinese ancient buildings Sunrise scenery large sky wide sky mountainous area mountains at the end of summer fantastic mysterious wind powers clouds landscape floating river puddle ripple:1.4 detailed light beautiful detailed glow pink long hair colored inner hair pearl pink_eyes pink hair clean facial features an extremely delicate and beautiful cute & girly beautiful detailed eyes stars in the eyes:1.3 sexy slim large breasts skinny slim_legs long legs narrow waist model pose:1.1 smile blush Pink lips Glowing Eyes perfect face detailed pupils Makeup:1.1 eye focus face focus character focus close-up face:1.3 dynamic pose dynamic angle dutch angle cowboy shot:1.4 reflection refraction Rembrandt lighting diffuse lighting radiosity photon mapping subsurface scattering atmospheric lighting dynamic lighting Multi-exposure HDR capture Screen Space Global Illumination Ray Tracing Lumen Reflections Tone Mapping volumetric lighting Circular polarizer broad lighting dramatic lighting moody lighting:1.3 explosive light and shadow lens flare light particle lens glare light particles Luminescent Particles floating particles particles:1.2 depth of field blurry foreground sharp focus perspective aerial perspective film grain film:1.4 colorful refraction iridescent colors Iridescence:1.1 dark studio rim lighting two tone lighting dimly lit low key rim light dark theme watercolor style soft blending dreamy washes delicate textures brilliant colors action painting gestural marks dynamic brushwork expressive motion spontaneous technique abstract expressionism energetic compositions action pose vibrant glow dynamic colors reflective surfaces girly style delicate accessories Overdetailed art Water color painting ornaments detailed:1.1 atmosphere Cosy Peaceful Hopeful:1.1 Glowing ambiance enchanting radiance luminous lighting ethereal atmosphere mesmerizing glow evocative hues captivating coloration enchanting aura melanchonic soft light:1.1 official art beautiful and aesthetic beautiful zentangle mandala tangle entangle ecstasy of flower:1.1 the most beautiful form of chaos elegant a brutalist designed vivid colours romanticism atmospheric warm tone soft light fractal art delicate Ultrarealistic drawing Detailed illustration extremely detailed CG Unity 8k wallpaper cinematic dramatic PBR Texturing huge filesize 8k uhd octane render unreal engine 5 lora:epiNoiseoffset_v3:1.65 lora:add_detail:0.65 lora:more_details:0.65 lora:GoodHands-beta2:1 lora:LoRa Riding Monster怪獣騎士 Conceptridingmonster:0.65 lora:ChineseDragon_v2:0.65 lora:LowRA:0.65