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aisolo Rebirth ultra photorealistic:1.3 extremely high quality Tibetan-Punk a woman posing for a picture in a grocery store stood in a supermarket shopping groceries getting groceries inside a supermarket overalls portrait demi rose wearing blue jean overalls store denim jeans blue overalls torn overalls at checkout high detailed store wearing overalls stores beautiful woman body jeans a woman mech pilot translucent latex : lime sportique body blond:1.2 | redhead:0.7 pink hair:1.4 wires HUD controls sci-fi RAW photo photograph of a real live person sitting in a lotus position Tibetan of Manjusri long haircut pale skin slim body high detailed skin:1.2 8k uhd dslr soft lighting high quality film grain Fujifilm XT3 llama angel of sunrise maroon reduce duplication interference up close image 21:9 shoulders can be seen warrior:1.2 female wearing full body multiple layer heavy metal armorr:1.2 red metal armor with intricate pattern:1.2 gloves long pants insanely detailed bloom:1.5 highest quality Alessandro Casagrande Greg Rutkowski Sally Mann concept art 4k analog:1.2 high sharpness detailed pupils:1.1 painting:1.1 digital painting:1.1 detailed face and eyes Masterpiece best quality highly detailed photo:1.1 8k photorealistic dark hair color dynamic short hair pureerosface_v1:0.2 :detailed face:1.2:0.2 By jeremy mann by sandra chevrier by maciej kuciara sharp realistic real shadow Chinese castle background:1.2 by Michelangelo tibetanthangka a close up of a painting on a wall a beautiful buddhist mandala old scientific document round-cropped color pigments spread out in air nepal by Persis Goodale Thurston Taylor maddening forbidden knowledge barren earth author unknown forcefield tibetanthangkas Diving Into The Ether Flowing with The Eternal Soul Through Vibration of love everything is connected sitting in a lotus position Flowing energy Spiritual divine dreamlike cosmic mind blowing feminine beauty god pineal gland dreamlikeart By jeremy mann by Michelangelo photograph of a real live male mech pilot sitting in a lotus position translucent latex : lime HUD controls a buddhist mandala