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DW DreamScapes&Dragonfire_FULL DarkAgent Dreamscapes & Dragonfire - NEW! - V2.0! - (SEMI-REALISM FANTASY MODEL) best quality ultra detailed masterpiece illustration The dark red blood cloud floats in the air the red bat blood magic 1girl sex perfect face One of her hands waved a whip volumetric lighting sexy girl wowdk crazy smile red blood rain crow graveyard fantasy underground castle muted colors night darkness makeup mascara translucent Skin HALFTONE cloud LIGHT_PARTICLES eldenring\malenia\ winged helmet red cape malenia_blade:1.3 covered eyes blood red hair cursed_left_arm:1.3 lora:DW:0.7 pug dark horror scary:1.2 creepy eerie spooky:1.2 surreal dreamlike:1.1 monster creature alien:1.2 gore violence:1.1 fog mist haze:1.0 ghost spirit apparition:1.2 skull bone skeleton:1.1 tattoo body art:0.75 piercing nose ring lip ring:1.0 hairstyle color wavy curly:1.0 goth punk emo:1.1 jewelry necklace bracelet:1.0 dark makeup eyeliner lipstick:1.1 knife weapon sharp:1.1 broken shattered cracked:1.2 abstract geometric patterned:1.0 shadow silhouette backlight:1.1 glimmer shine sparkle:1.0. milf adult 30 years old black kimono black legwear black ribbon black hair cherry blossoms day flower hair bun hair ribbon japanese clothes kimono long hair looking at viewer looking back multiple girls obi outdoors red devil eyes ribbon high heels single hair bun stairs standing statue torii tree white kimono full body hyperdetailed lens flare glare colorful flower loraeyes photoreal backlighting subsurface scatter supermodel slender taken off clothes undressing black longhair
arrealvx9_v15 StableDiffusionVN SDVN2-RealRPG detailed background absurdres random hair color a woman with blue hair wearing a colorful outfit and a colorful background with paint splatters on it by Hirohiko Araki official art ultra detailed beautiful and aesthetic masterpiece best quality zentangle mandala tangle entangle 1girl extremely detailed dynamic angle cowboyshot the most beautiful form of chaos elegant a brutalist designed vivid colours romanticism by james jean roby dwi antono ross tran francis bacon michal mraz adrian ghenie petra cortright gerhard richter takato yamamoto ashley wood atmospheric ecstasy of musical notes streaming musical notes visible 32k ultra wallpaper ultra-detailed:1.2 photorealistic:1.4 highres reflection low angle long hair glowing eyes brown eyes traditional architecture rainbow moon:1.1 fog:1.4 silhouette:0.8 expressionless:1.3 ghost:1.1 magical fantasy:1.3 3d render unreal engine raytracing:1.2 red fire blue fire high contrast explosions over exposure yellow blue green purple and red tone impression abstract negative space face detailed face perfect nsfw medium breasts candid smile looking at viewer lewd face detailed body perfect random jewelry Heaven Cloud gap light beautiful detailed sky beautiful detailed cumulonimbus best illumination best shadow an extremely delicate and beautiful floating finely detail shine glinting stars nature sunlight fairyland art by artgerm and ruan jia and greg rutkowski surreal painting gold butterfly filigree broken glass detailed skin texture realism skin realistic skin ultra realistic 32k extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper