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nijiarmor_anime_v2 NijiExpressV2 PastelDiffusedMixV2.2 PastelDiffusion PastelDiffusedMix masterpiece best quality ultra-detailed very detailed illustrations extremely detailed intricate details highres masterfully crafted glow:1.4 lens flare:1.3 super complex details extremely detailed 8k cg wallpaper cowboy shot caustics reflection ray tracing demontheme nebula dark aura cyber effect alone mecha musume mechanical parts robot joints single mechanical arm headgear mechanical halo star halo intricate white and violet mechanical ninja suit violet purple glow:1.2 violet suit lights mecha corset full armor very long translucent hair bioluminescent white hair:1.2 hair glow:1.4 hair between eyes colourful makeup indoors carbon fibre cool action pose:1.3 edgy:1.5 luminous white hair:1.4 blue eyes bright blue eyes:1.4 glowing eyes:1.4 eye trail:1.1 intense expression dynamic action hand on hip:1.2 cybernetic metal Lynx ears:1.3 thin metal cybernetic tail:1.4 lean ancient japanese architecture pond starry sky skyline sexy form fitting cyber suit:1.4 sexy futuristic ninja:1.2 headgear:0.8 futuristic glowing headphones the most beautiful form of chaos elegant a brutalist designed scary:1.3 horror:1.2 suspense:1.4 dramatic intense visual spectacle:1.3 latex torn down space station inside overgrown spaceship wear and tear dystiopian:1.1 vivid colours horror scene:1.1 dynamic:1.2 action scene powerful romanticism wearing cybernetic mask long flowing hair steam by james jean roby dwi antono ross tran francis bacon michal mraz adrian ghenie cybernetic ninja:1.3 glitch chromatic aberration petra cortright gerhard richter takato yamamoto ashley wood atmospheric ecstasy of musical notes forced perspective streaming musical notes visible splashes of colour absolutely eye-catching lens flare:1.2 Cinematic headlight caustic dynamic angle beautiful detailed glow ambient occlusion ambient light raytraced reflections best illumination an extremely delicate and beautiful cinematic light lora:nijiarmor_anime_v2:0.4 cyber effect:1.3 glowing suit lora:NijiExpressV2:0.2 magic void purple glowing floating wisps:1.7 sci-fi cinematic background:2 lora:AMechaSSScolor_theme headgear:0.3 paint splashes:1.4 coloured mist spray paint mist:1.2
NyanMix_230303_absurd2_pruned Nyanbre Nyan Mix Highest picture quality Master's work ultra-detailed Detailed eye description:1.0 lens flare:1.0 movie poster:1.0 Tarot border:1.0 the portrait is centered close-up:1.0 nagative space:0.8 negative space:1.6 solo floating colorful {wind|water magic|ink|crystals|ice|fire|flame|lightning|web|rocks|sand|particles|sparkles|blood}:1.0 many colorful {soap bubbles|clouds|thorns|spikes|vines|currents|spirals|halos|wings|tatoos|cubes|octahedron}:1.0 floating {red|green|blue|aqua|purple|yellow|black|white|grey|pink|orange|lime} {ribbons|feathers|particles|blades|droplets|snowflakes|soft balls}:1.0 {crystal|ice|fire|flame|wind|water|earth|stone|space|musical|sonic|vortex} {magic|wings}:1.0 {ray tracing glowing|dappled sunlight light rays caustics|night black theme|mysterious eerie|easygoing pastel}:1.2 {colorful|iridescent|multicolored}:1.0 beautiful detailed glow:1.0 {leaning forward|leaning back|leaning to the side|}:1.2 {smile:1.0|smirk:1.0|grim expression:1.0} {small|small||lips eyelashes}:1.0 {open mouth:1.0|closed mouth:1.0|} {eyelashes|eyeshadow||} {one eye closed|||} {red|green|blue|aqua|purple|yellow|black|white|grey|pink|orange|lime} hair:1.4 {short|long|medium} hair:1.0 {from below|from above|from side|from behind|facing viewer}:1.3 halo:1.3 head tilt:1.0 dynamic pose:1.1 asymmetrical hair:1.2 {red|green|blue|aqua|purple|yellow|black|white|grey|pink|orange|lime} {armor|dress|collared shirt|suit|outfit}:1.0 {formal|military|techwear|urban style|casual casual clothes|fantasy magician|feral tribal|sci-fi futuristic} {plaid skirt|layered skirt|puffy dress|tights|pants|shorts} {red|green|blue|aqua|purple|yellow|black|white|grey|pink|orange|lime} {eyes|eyes|pupils}:1.4 {forehead:1.5 asymmetrical bangs|diagonal bangs|hair between eyes|blunt bangs|swept bangs} {one eye covered|ponytail|high twintails|||} {straight hair|wavy hair|drill hair||} {long coat|suit jacket|cloak|sweater|tie||} {floating cape:1.0 |}{fox ears fox girl|vampire bat wings|pointy ears elf:0.5||}:1.1 {abstract background|city skyscraper|forest garden|castle|shrine|cave underground|swamp|lake|winter|alien planet|}:1.4 {indoors inside|outdoors outside}:1.1 {2$$witch hat|straw hat|crown|tiara|eyewear|glasses|heargear|hair flower|hairpin|hair bow|||} {sitting|flying|jumping|laying|standing|standing on one leg}:1.1 {colored skin|white skin|blue skin|pale skin|tan|shiny skin|dark skin||}:1.1 {full body|upper body|portrait|}:1.25 {fang skin fang|tongue|frown|lip biting|thinking|||||} {empty eyes| symbol-shaped pupils heart-shaped pupils| slit pupils