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add_detail haenraets postpainter20 hd_helper_v1 epicdream_lullaby epinikion epiCDream cinematic film still of painting of a beautiful couple dancing the tango:1.5 movement dynamic pose dance elegant erotic sensual close lovers perfect detailed face perfect detailed body perfect detailed eyes:1.5 long red hair dark empty red grunge background:1.3 rimlighting uncluttered background complementary colours street lamp:1.1 musician guitar player:1.3 chapeau leaning back tipping over mustache ruling class elegant clothing wind blowing epic atmosphere realistic face beautifully detailed woman detailed mouth extremely detailed eyes_and_face beautiful attractive face beautiful detailed eyes pronounced feminine feature matte eyeshadow eyelashes perfect body color HD photo 85mm full body high quality photo masterpiece HDR 8K resolution analogue RAW DSLR best quality absurdres vivid vibrant colors intricate detail realistic human hands sophisticated detail official art 8k wallpaper ultra high res tree:1 masterpiece striking ground wild field dramatic lighting otherworldly oil painting gloomy fog epic art wind action:1.5 darkness total freedom breath large wild spaces dynamic cinematic shot red dress dark suit:1.3 back lighting:1.1 wet ground reflexions:1.3 complementary colours:1.3 1boy 1girl:1.4 lora:add_detail:0.8 lora:haenraets:0.5 whaenraets lora:postpainter20:0.4 lora:backlight_slider_v10:-1 lora:hd_helper_v1:0.8 shallow depth of field vignette highly detailed high budget bokeh cinemascope moody epic gorgeous film grain grainy