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DreamShaperXL_Turbo_5_00001_ Lykon DreamShaper XL anime Futuristic utopia Adventure Aether Kraken Car Nebula Verdant Canvas Spontaneous Human Combustion Voyage Lovely Grateful :vintage cars:15 Double exposure:1.3 photo of a noble lady made of mosaic of iridescent crystal glass with sub scattering mirror surface imposing onto transparent tree hollow trunk in living brocade underbust dress made out of flowers bokeh sky by Peter Gric Conrad Roset Brandon Kidwell Andreas Lie Dan Mountford Dan Witz Agnes Cecile Jeremy Mann fine art super dramatic moonshine silhouette photo illustration amazing depth intricate detailed fine cracked surface stunning atmosphere mesmerizing whimsical vibrant scenery complex masterwork by head of prompt engineering black humanoid made of diamonds upper body bare-chested male masterpiece best quality ultra detail glass skin white electricity coming through cracks muscular male dragonborn:0.6 8k Glitch art of a Nautical Woman at Cityscape split diopter Weirdcore F/2.8 art by Chris Friel:1.0 white hair outdoors detailed background Anime Rage pose Cracked Skin:1.4 anime style realistic photorealistic purple eyes sexy school uniform wearing a stylish very sexy school uniform with a funny expression on her face Hellwalker incoming death hell black bloody veins growing and intertwining out of the darkness oozing thick yellow blood veins growing and pumping blood female body:1.3 vascular networks growing connecting expanding red veins everywhere zdzislaw beksinski sharp colors:1.3 rainbow skin:1.1 Infrared:1.2 ultra detailed intricate oil on canvas dry brush ultra sharp surrealism:1.4 disturbing:1.5 beksinski style painting satanic symbols full torso full body in frame centered body male:1.2 intricate details pale gothic evil king dynamic pose perfect face realistic eyes perfect eyes dark gothic background sharp focus