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lucyCyberpunk_35Epochs LoraJapaneseIdolCostume_v10 koreandolllikeness_V10 beautifuleyeslikeness_purefacelikeness fantasticmixReal_v30 michin fantasticmix 1girl teenage lucy \cyberpunk\ white jacket open jacket short shorts bodysuit detached sleeves hip vent pouch white hair bangs:1.6 asymmetric hair:1.1 short hair multicolor hair beautiful detailed hair hair blowing red eyeliners midriff smile naughty face detailed face white skin big eyes looking at viewer:1.4 from below facing viewer latexbodysuit covered navel covered mouth kneehighs red circles on the eyes v-shaped_eyebrows outdoors:1.5 electronic instruments wires and water pipes unreal engine fine portrayal Cyberpunk:1.2 bright focusing Tindal effect HD photography style pink or green neon from back :1.2 night sky highways light signs road stars starry sky moon light detailed clear ripple Colorful aurora dynamic luminous strong dynamic poses various clutter and mess in background:1.1 lush detailed stunning dynamic perspective shot medium shot portrait colorful light vanishing point atmospheric perspective masterpiece best quality award-winning work 8k RAW photo huge filesize absurdres ultra high res best shadow physics-based rendering an extremely delicate and beautiful extremely detailed amazing finely detail official art beautiful detailed girl light on face:1.2 hyperrealistic:1.5 High quality facial lighting:1.2 cinematic lighting intricate High Detail dramatic photorealistic:1.2 lora:lucyCyberpunk_35Epochs:0.7 lora:LoraJapaneseIdolCostume_v10:0.3 lora:koreandolllikeness_V10:0.2 lora:beautifuleyeslikeness_purefacelikeness:0.3
add_detail goya2023 haenraets pollock Barbara epicdream_lullaby epinikion epiCDream cinematic film still of A superhero battles perfect detailed face perfect detailed body beautiful detailed red cape:1.2 sword long orange hair dark empty red grunge background:1.3 rimlighting uncluttered background fire Sharp focus photorealism masterpiece striking ground wild field dramatic lighting otherworldly best quality oil painting gloomy fog epic art splashes projectiles projection action:1.2 darkness total freedom breath blow large wild spaces dynamic cinematic shot complementary colours wind lora:add_detail:0.5 lora:backlight_slider_v10:-0.6 ruling class elegant clothing wind blowing epic atmosphere dark night photorealistic realistic face medium breasts beautifully detailed woman detailed mouth extremely detailed eyes_and_face beautiful attractive face beautiful detailed eyes pronounced feminine feature matte eyeshadow eyelashes eyeliner perfect body smooth skin color HD photo 85mm full body high quality photo masterpiece HDR 8K resolution analogue RAW DSLR absurdres vivid vibrant colors skin pores intricate detail intricately detailed face_and_eyes realistic human hands sophisticated detail realistic lighting centerfold bokeh official art 8k wallpaper ultra high res professional photography lora:goya2023:0.8 style goya2023 style lora:haenraets:0.4 whaenraets lora:pollock:0.2 lora:Barbara:1 batgirl suit orange hair bodysuit red cape covered legs boots perspective shallow depth of field vignette highly detailed high budget cinemascope moody epic gorgeous film grain grainy