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IronCatMan Outfit_Guitars Char_Meme_Civitaichan Char_HonkaiStarRail_Kafka Char_Fate_Saber Char_Fate_TohsakaRinFate Char_VTuber_TsunomakiWatame Char_FireEmblem_Felicia Char_MGR_JetstreamSam Char_OC_JustTNP Char_OC_ElieMacDowell NaoyaV3 yuuki_nanase Char_DressUpDarling_Marin KazukiAdapt BloodsplashOCv1 SatonakaChieLORA Char_DMC_Vergil DipDyedHair Char_Meme_Peepy meinamix_meinaV11 Meina MeinaMix camp fire christmas presents on snow outdoor night scene snowing christmas hat yeti stop sign 1 giant cat peeking out of a tree yeti playing an electric guitar snow guitar electric guitar lora:Outfit_Guitars:0.8 lora:Char_Meme_Civitaichan:0.8 civitai-chan braided bangs multicolored hair black hair blue hair blue eyes necklace labcoat shirt shirt tucked in single vertical stripe black skirt pencil skirt pantyhose lora:Char_HonkaiStarRail_Kafka:1 Kafka purple eyes jacket lora:Char_Fate_Saber:0.85 artoria pendragon \fate\ dress armor lora:Char_Fate_TohsakaRinFate:0.8 tohsaka rin long hair thighhighs skirt black thighhighs lora:Char_VTuber_TsunomakiWatame:0.9 Tsunomaki Watame lora:Char_FireEmblem_Felicia:0.9 feliciarnd lora:Char_MGR_JetstreamSam:0.75 Jetstream Sam facial hair male focus beard cyborg lora:Char_OC_JustTNP:0.8 justtnp heterochromia formal black jacket black necktie black pants lora:Char_OC_ElieMacDowell:0.9 elie macdowell green eyes hairband lora:AhsokaS7_V1-Manityro-dadapt:1 lora:NaoyaV3:1 lora:persona3_yuki-10:1 lora:tow-concept-richy-v2:0.8 towlauncher tripod scope lora:yuuki_nanase:1 lora:Char_DressUpDarling_Marin:1 kitagawa marin blonde hair red eyes jewelry earrings piercing sunglasses choker lora:KazukiAdapt:1 kazami kazuki silver hair lora:BloodsplashOCv1:1 Bloodsplash lora:SatonakaChieLORA:1 satonaka chie lora:Char_DMC_Vergil:0.75 vergildmc5 lora:DipDyedHair:0.8 side-swept bangs messy mid ponytail thick eyebrows freckles pink IncursioDipDyedHair lora:Char_Meme_Peepy:1 peepy
DynamicWang AWPortrait Best quality masterpiece ultra high res photorealistic:1.4 8k 1girl highest quality detailed face:1.5 original highres unparalleled masterpiece ultra realistic 8k perfect artwork perfect female figure mature female milf narrow waist skinny detailed skin solo pantyhose skirt jacket school uniform white background bag shoes black pantyhose simple background black footwear loafers blazer full body standing cardigan plaid school bag necktie pleated skirt standing on one leg brown eyes long hair black hair sleeves past wrists long sleeves plaid skirt bangs black jacket miniskirt shirt open clothes black skirt collared shirt high school school school gate street afternoon nature light outdoors tree bus stop lens flare night city lights wind smile lora:胶片FilmG2:0.6 , lora:cuteGirlMix4_v10:0.4 Negative prompt: ng_deepnegative_v1_75t badhandv4 worst quality:2 low quality:2 normal quality:2 lowres monochrome grayscale watermark easynegative paintings other hands:1.5 sketches normal quality skin spots acnes skin blemishes age spot glans extra fingers fewer fingers strange fingers bad hand bad eyes missing legs extra arms extra legs:1.5 extra toes penis extra limbs extra vaginal bad vaginal Futanari Man ugly fat anorexic blur warping necklace piercings innie mirror DAZ 3D anime animated holding contortion warped body spun around canvas frame cartoon 3d disfigured bad art deformed close up b&w wierd colors blurry duplicate morbid mutilated out of frame mutated hands poorly drawn hands poorly drawn face mutation easynegative Steps: 40 Sampler: DPM++ 2M alt Karras CFG scale: 7 Seed: 3441380796 Size: 424x616 Model hash: 72d764a66c Model: awportrait_v10 Denoising strength: 0.3 Clip skip: 2 ENSD: 31337 Hires upscale: 2 Hires steps: 20