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Yamer Nightmare Shaper V3 Flesh Eater 3 Yamer Nightmare Shaper Cthulhu lovecraft cthulhu lovecraftian style cult of Cthulhu gradient color jungle antichrist cross Cross of Saint Peter dynamic pose digital illustration Duy Huynh Jackson Pollock masterpiece best quality beautiful and aesthetic:1.2 cinematic masterpiece detailed highest quality ultra detailed highres cinematic light splendid and colorful out of focus RAW photograph art portrait high contrast colorful highest details neon color red bloody veins growing and intertwining out of the darkness oozing thick red blood veins growing and pumping blood vascular networks growing connecting expanding red veins everywhere zdzislaw beksinski a mind flayer Muted colors:1.1 Repetition:1.1 Cross-hatching:1.1 Infrared:1.2 Rust Sphere intricate oil on canvas dry brush ultra sharp surrealism:1.1 disturbing:1.1 beksinski style painting sparks lens flare rim lighting backlighting Bracelet RTX Post Processing satanic cross highres:1.2 Giger style beksinski style satan cross inverted cross satanism Post-apocalypse futuristic bright neon clouds high resolution alien giger viscera post peeled flesh broken creature a dangerous looking sprinkled robot bright neon blood on top of a table with a alien head sharp purple neon in the style of giger in the hole deep contrast hyperrealism hyper realistic color photo realistic photography ultra realistic biomechanical biomechanism hnsrdlf style detailed reflections dark atmosphere gothic art realistic blood realistic reflections RTX graphic HDR real bloodied photo award winning glamour photograph photorealistic
Yamer Nightmare Shaper V3 Flesh Eater 3 Yamer Nightmare Shaper man with a pretty face photo of a man with an evil face shattered skin white rainbow hair yellow eyes Ezio Auditore uniform wearing a stylish school uniform with a raged expression on his face Hell walker incoming death hell black bloody veins growing and intertwining out of the darkness oozing thick yellow blood veins growing and pumping blood male body:1.6 1 male vascular networks growing connecting synthwave highly realistic creative sensual extremely detailed realistic and sensual masterpiece high quality best quality:1.3 photorealism:1.3 dynamic shadows dynamic lighting:1.2 natural skin texture:1.5 natural lips detailed lips:1.3 natural shadows detailed shadows:1.5 hyperrealism soft light sharp hdr hyperdetailed:1 intricate details:0.8 detailed eyes detailed hair detailed skin 8k cinematic look:1.4 insane details intricate details hyperdetailed low contrast soft cinematic light exposure blend faded slate gray atmosphere everything Detailed A photo of a young nerdy woman looking at the viewer:1.4. short messy dark brown hair:1.4 slender athletic dark lips:1.5 flirting with the camera. white sclera square glasses:1.2 choker makeup jewelry smiling dyed hair highlights pink hair color:1.1 dominant confident seductive intimidating:1.2 depth of field dramatic light posing for the camera professional fashion photoshoot hazel brown and green:0.2 eyes red veins everywhere zdzislaw beksinski sharp colors:1.3 rainbow skin:1.1 Infrared:1.2 ultra detailed intricate oil on canvas dry brush ultra sharp surrealism:1.4 disturbing:1.5 beksinski style painting satanic symbols full torso full body in frame centered body male:1.2 pale gothic evil king dynamic pose perfect face realistic eyes perfect eyes dark gothic background sharp focus ultra realistic