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Ariel_character add_detail uv FilmG2 LowRA jkUnderwaterShot reelunderwater ghostmix_v20Bakedvae YeiYeiArt Ariel (The Little Mermaid) Princess Disney, by YeiyeiArt ariel mermaid:1.2 leaning foward ass up detailed light cinematic lighting very detailed eyes best quality beautiful face ultra detailed highres light rays shortstack:1.5 very long hair 1girl small breasts:1.1 long Red hair beautiful short height average body weight:1.4 a little curvy:1.4 wide hips solo arms up shortstack:1.7 skindentation:1.5 blush:1.2 looking at viewer skindentation:1.6 action shot slow motion motion blur choker cross choker accent lighting fliying hair:1.4 green pants blushes bruises:1.2 straps shiny skin underwater swimming bubbles ambient oclusion full body leaning foward swiming pose caustics hdr fog film grain depth of field shell bra bubbles on foreground ArielWaifu:1lora:Ariel_character:0.4 detailed underwater coral background dynamic angle:1.2 dynamic pose:1.2 very long mermaid tail:1.5 alluring mermaid ethereal face focus 8k RAW photo masterpiece:1.2 photon mapping radiosity 35 mm focal length particles ravishing beautiful lighting high detailed vivid contrasting colors chromatic aberration vibrant digital illustration behance hd realistic:1.2 high contrast:1.2 shallow depth of field bloom RSEEmma:1.2 Volumetric Lighting extremely detailed CG 8k illustrations hyper detailed ultra high res high resolution intricate details RSEEmma lora:add_detail:0.6 lora:uv:0.4 lora:FilmG2:0.4 lora:LowRA:0.3 lora:RSERomantic_RSESofiko_RSEEmma-v1:0.6 lora:jkUnderwaterShot:0.6 lora:reelunderwater:0.3
Nightmare Shaper V3 Flesh Eater 3 Yamer Nightmare Shaper man with a pretty face photo of a man with an evil face shattered skin white rainbow hair yellow eyes Ezio Auditore uniform wearing a stylish school uniform with a raged expression on his face Hell walker incoming death hell black bloody veins growing and intertwining out of the darkness oozing thick yellow blood veins growing and pumping blood male body:1.6 1 male vascular networks growing connecting synthwave highly realistic creative sensual extremely detailed realistic and sensual masterpiece high quality best quality:1.3 photorealism:1.3 dynamic shadows dynamic lighting:1.2 natural skin texture:1.5 natural lips detailed lips:1.3 natural shadows detailed shadows:1.5 hyperrealism soft light sharp hdr hyperdetailed:1 intricate details:0.8 detailed eyes detailed hair detailed skin 8k cinematic look:1.4 insane details intricate details hyperdetailed low contrast soft cinematic light exposure blend faded slate gray atmosphere everything Detailed A photo of a young nerdy woman looking at the viewer:1.4. short messy dark brown hair:1.4 slender athletic dark lips:1.5 flirting with the camera. white sclera square glasses:1.2 choker makeup jewelry smiling dyed hair highlights pink hair color:1.1 dominant confident seductive intimidating:1.2 depth of field dramatic light posing for the camera professional fashion photoshoot hazel brown and green:0.2 eyes red veins everywhere zdzislaw beksinski sharp colors:1.3 rainbow skin:1.1 Infrared:1.2 ultra detailed intricate oil on canvas dry brush ultra sharp surrealism:1.4 disturbing:1.5 beksinski style painting satanic symbols full torso full body in frame centered body male:1.2 pale gothic evil king dynamic pose perfect face realistic eyes perfect eyes dark gothic background sharp focus ultra realistic
Yamer Realistic NSFW Yamer SDXL Yamer's Realistic 5 👁‍🗨🖼️📷 "a photography of a young naked woman stands with a pose with one foot elegantly raised on a rustic chair and spread legs. background public cafe with large audience people. nude xlikespread" "centered face photography face portrait | woman looking at viewer aqua hair color short hair | blue hoodie" "ultra wide angle shot cinematic style 8k RAW photo photo-realistic masterpiece best quality highres extremely detailed intricate details absurdres resolution High quality texture detailed texture vivid color professional lighting radiosity photon mapping physically-based rendering High quality shadow Ray tracing perfect body perfect face Sony A7 extremely beautiful eyes 1girl denim miniskirt miniskirt belt solo navel shirt midriff crop top large breasts underboob:1.2 outdoors loose socks:1.1 bangs long hair full body t-shirt short sleeves standing footwear light smile:0.8 gothic makeup:1.1 dynamic pose:0.6 "Raw photo of giant dwayne johnson with curly white hair as Geralt from Witcher" "Authentic moody portrayal of an ancient graveyard mist rolling between tombstones. The air is thick with fog and faint apparitions seem to wander aimlessly. An old gnarled tree stands sentinel its branches resembling skeletal hands Eerie unfiltered capture of an old Victorian mansion its windows aglow with ghostly blue light. Cobwebs drape from every corner and shadowy figures seem to loom behind the glass. A murder of crows takes flight silhouetted against the full moon adding to the spine-chilling atmosphere" "Ultra Realistic an impressive splendid Cerebrus in an amazing environment High contrast transparency translucency intricate picture lots of details Amazing lighting hard shadows Colorful Hyper Realistic High quality Highly detailed Sharp focus 8K UHD Pro photography trending on artstation photograph absurdres ultra detailed blond hair straight hair french hair parted bangs bangs serafuku tiara high heel boots sci-fi flower garden evening" "venom costume glamour shot of a unicorn with rainbow in background and rainbow sparkles coming from its behind an angry cat winter night heavy snowfall snowstorm realistic" "trees portrait of a woman cyberpunk tearing fracture array stainless glass creases skintight BREAK rough sketch black white red by beksinski:1.3 thick line art sharp focus:1.2 Ilya Kuvshinov Leiji Matsumoto:1.3 dark night venom influence" cinematic lighting plague and pestilence devour your soul fire smoke and brimstone" "girl with a pretty face white hair purple eyes sexy school uniform wearing a stylish very sexy school uniform with a funny expression on her face Hellwalker incombing death hell black bloody veins growing and intertwining out of the darkness oozing thick yellow blood veins growing and pumping blood male body:1.6 1 man vascular networks growing connecting explanding red veins everywhere zdzislaw beksinski sharp colors:1.3 rainbow skin:1.1 Infrared:1.2 intricate oil on canvas dry brush ultra sharp surrealism:1.4 disturbing:1.5 beksinski style painting satanic symbols full torso full body in frame centered body male:1.2 pale gothic evil king dynamic pose realistic eyes perfect eyes dark gothic background A product shot from a bird's view with fish eye lens capturing a necromancy book with cover from white human flesh with a screaming decayed death face stretching itself out of the human leathery skin cover and glowing gems where the eyes should've been in a magical environment white leathery book foreshortening dreamlike face focus photography photorealism photorealistic soft focus volumetric light gelatinous jelly slime eldritch dark magic grim hyperdetailed 8k hdr high detailed lot of details soft cinematic light dramatic atmosphere atmospheric perspective "fantasy painting of a seamonster like a squid with smooth shiny skin suckers fangs attacking a ship at night by jeff easley fantasy:1.1 storm thunder & lightning scary scene dramatic epic high details artstation fantasy full of colour cinematic fine details award winning masterpiece vivid" top quality official art beautiful and aesthetic:1.2 ultra realistic 8k CG photo:1.5 realistic:1.5 photorealistic:1.5 ultra highres texture skin realistic skin detailed skin highest detailed extreme detailed 8k wallpaper ring with the stone focus on color Ink wash painting" "cyborg girl 8k portrait of beautiful cyborg with brown hair elegant majestic digital photography art by artgerm and ruan jia and greg rutkowski surreal painting gold butterfly filigree broken glass sidelighting finely detailed beautiful eyes: 1.2 hdr red bloody veins growing and intertwining out of the darkness oozing thick red blood by ruaidri Michael & Inessa Garmash Ruan Jia Pino Daeni impasto impressionism detailed face detailed eyes smile jewelry necklace topless yellow eyes rainbow skin:1.3 Repetition:1.1 Cross-hatching:1.1 Toxic substance surrealism:1.1 disturbing:1.1 sparks backlighting Bracelet RTX Post Processing satanic cross" "sharp neon sky filled with the souls of the deads fog neon spirits realistic ghosts blood on face ultra relistic eye blood the death of a population dread unknown fear enormous beings hand painting realistic painting yellow planets glowing neon lines the fear of Cthulhu realistic photography biomechinical biomachines hnsrdlf style detailed reflections dark atmosphere gothic art futuristic realistic blood realistic reflections RTX graphic real blood detailed sky" green planets nightmare" "Cult of Cthulhu Cartoon artwork Cthulhu cartoon pixar art sharp bright colours cartoon style cyborg cyberpunk steampunk robotic parts bright colours reflection beautiful studio soft light mannequin rim light vibrant details luxurious hyperrealistic anatomical muscles cable electric wires microchip beautiful background octane render hr giger style illustration an extremely delicate and beautiful CG unity wallpaper photo-realistic:1.37 amazing cartoon finely detail extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper absurd incredible disney character" "Post-apocalypse uturistic bright neon clours high resolution alien giger viscera post peeled flesh guro broken creature deadman a dangerous looking sprinkled man bright neon blood on top of a table with a alien head sharp purple neon in the style of giger in the hole with a lot of blood around deep contrast hyperrealism hyper realistic color photo ultra realistic shadows ultra quality neon yellow neon purple neon blue neon red ultra constrast" yellow plantes distinct_image powerful figure striking appearance intricate tattoos scars hooded robe hides their face only their eyes visible through the shadow tentacles black blue dark Frightening:1.3 RFNKTRY vaporwave synthwave by Artist Akihiko Yoshida:1.3 by Artist Ross Tran:1.3 by Artist Tsutomu Nihei:1.3 4k HD blush paw paw shoes stunning gradient colors no watermark signature detailed background woods small lake with island insanely detailed 8k portrait of beautiful cyborg with pink hair art by artgerm and ruan jia and greg rutkowski surreal painting black butterfly filigree female sexy girl" "Cyborg succubus demon female succubus:1.1 rainbow skin:1.8 full body of cyborg lady cybernetic jaw mechanical parts white shirt unbottoned black latex skirt metal skin glowing red eyes cables wires black hair simple background cottagecore geometric:1.2 futurism:1.2 impressionist majestic:1.2 breathtaking suggestive:1.3 depressing:1.3 enticing:1.4 irresistible:1.4 disturbing fascinating:1.2 magnetic:1.2" furry girl anime furry women detailed portrait close up young female uhd dslr dreamlikeart lens flare upper body animal focus furry wolf fursuit cute kawaii lovely fur fur head wolf head narrow waist wolf ears chocker with rope "simple background:1.2 isometric 3d art of floating rock citadel cobblestone flowers verdant stone moss fish pool waterfall:1.2 cottage 1mechanical man machine made joints:1.2 machanical limbs rainbow blood vessels connected to tubes green mechanical vertebra attaching to back mechanical cervial attaching to neck wires and cables attaching to neck:1.2 wires and cables on head:1.2 blood:1.5 colourful blood splashes on background dynamic angle beautiful detailed glow Captivating Intricate Detailed Cinematic Background scary blood splatter swirling black light around the character black light particles magic circle grotesque scene holy war action scene intricate battlefield Bloodbath:1.1 pink rain raining blood" "a bad woman in a futuristic suit with a skeleton head which disintegrates cybernetic cyberpunk art computer art highly detailed skin:1.2 realistic lighting:1.1 realistic shadows:1.1 "1man good shape a surreal paint splatter painting of the kinginyellow wearing a cloak and a mask antlers crown cosmic background gold and white and black color scheme a bad woman in a futuristic suit with a skeleton head which disintegrates "Pastels artwork landscape of a Mythical Geneva:Beach house:3 and Belle poque Red Dwarf at Sunset Energetic 50s Art Cathode tube art by Abram Efimovich Arkhipov:0.8 a shimmering topaz with a vibrant color illuminating with a burst of energy and vitality Octagon flood inside Velvet pouch illustration:1.2 eye focus Masterfully crafted Glow:1.3 hyper details delicate detailed cinematic light best quality Backlights clear line solo female Fear Tension Suspense Murder Bright bioluminescent hair glowing bright red eyes succubus drenched in blood translucent clothes:1.1 wide open eyes succubus Dynamic:1.2 makeup best illumination Photoshop Pastel Painting:1.1 horror Cinematic masterpiece fierce powerful splashes of blood absolutly eye-catching dulux caustic ornate background detailed magic circle colour dodge light motion blur depth of field red rain "misa amane misa death note beautiful girl closed eyes death note style style-paintmagic splash of paint floating colorful paint goddess of death Japanese mythology featuring mythical creatures solar system milky way dream abstract background:1.3 32k ultra high res psychedelic art:1.4 veil visually stunning beautiful award-winning illustration cosmic space background ethereal atmosphere dark glass skin diamond body multi colored eyes:1.3 dark brown eyes chestnut hair mutton chops cyberpunk city:1.2 elegant hat half shot ChronomancyAI chronomancy theme:1.1 bubble-wizard orange sorcerer robes surrounded by light green bubbles rainbow floating orbs large bubbles floating sparkling particles transclucent glowing bubbles swirling bubbles graceful bubbles in background intricate patterns starry sky magical atmosphere space Egypt futuristic by Enki Bilal methurlant surreal hyper realistic:1 upper body selfie happy mountains nature stars moon cheerful backpack sleeping bag camping stove water bottle mountain boots gloves sweater hat flashlight forest rocks river wood smoke shadows contrast clear sky analog style warm hue warm tone methurlant Dean Cornwell A portrait of a female cyborg organic armor silver atmospheric gritty stylized comic dystopian high contrast:1.1 Reflected light:1.2 glass skin:1.3 depressing:0.9 cute:1.4 color palette crimson:1.1 color palette cerulean:0.8 rainbow hair detailed body goddess body rainbow clothes spread legs open legs sitting open arm perfect hands kamehameha" "Highest picture quality goddess body:1.0 lens flare:1.0 in a futuristic city dystopian city background:1.3 cute girl chubby:1.0 the portrait is centered floating colorful flame:1.0 many colorful spirals:1.0 floating red soft balls:1.0 magic ritual:1.0 easygoing pastel:1.2 colorful:1.0 beautiful detailed glow:1.0 leaning to the side:1.2 smile:1.0 kawaii girl:1.0 cute face:1.2 eyeshadows purple hair:1.25 medium hair:1.0 from behind:1.3 dynamic pose:1.1 asymmetrical hair:1.2 orange armor:1.0 casual casual clothes puffy dress red eyes:1.4 blunt bangs ponytail long white hair long coat pointy ears elf:0.5 alien planet:1.4 indoors inside:1.1 witch yellow hat straw hat laying:1.1 portrait:1.25 Master's work Detailed eye description:1.0 Tarot border:1.0 close up:1.0 nagative space:0.7 floating colorful ink:1.0 many colorful cubes:1.0 floating white soft balls:1.0 ice wings:1.0 mysterious eerie:1.2 grim expression:1.0 lips eyelashes:1.0 closed mouth:1.0 purple hair:1.3 medium breast:1.2 from above:1.3 head tilt:1.0 latex dress latex clothes:1.1 plaid skirt rainbow eyes:1.4 diagonal bangs high twintails drill hair tie floating cape:1.0 shrine:1.4 dark glass skin:1.3 upper body:1.25 fang skin fang empty eyes detailed ass" short skirt shoes heartbroken necklace barrette black hole in the background lying down perfect lighting vivid color:1.4 cotton candy cloud sky beautiful pose many colorful tatoos:1.0 floating pink blades:1.0 vortex magic:1.0 multicolored:1.0 slime body:1.2 open mouth:1.0 eyeshadow green hair:1.4 short hair:1.0 demon halo:1.3 blue collared shirt:0.7 military blue pupils:1.4 fox ears fox girl:1.1 winter:1.4 inside room:1.1 tiara witch hat standing on one leg:1.1 shiny skin:1.1 latex clothes semi naked" succubus body movie poster:1.0 close-up:1.1 nagative space:0.8 sayan aura:1.3 detailed hands "a beautiful girl color palette crimson:1.1 color palette cerulean:0.8 open arms waning moon" curvy girl moon cheerful close up:0.5" "frilly hairstyle torso body rainbow skin shattered glass effect deformad neon light:1.3 soft particles of fractal fire volumetric lighting splash art black coat black dress white sleeves sleeves past finger sleeves past wrists horns cottagetore futurism cute:1.2 enticing irresistible:1.3 fascinating green latex clothing suggestive position latex costume rainbow bloody veins growing and intertwining out of the darkness nailed wire oozing thick blue blood sharp neon under water fatasy world fatansy background" Detailed eye description:1.1 lens flare:1.1 movie poster:1.1 Tarot border:1.1 chaos aura:1.2 floating colorful water magic:1.1 many colorful vines floating pink blades:1.1 water wings:1.0 dappled sunlight light rays caustics:1.2 colorful:1.1 beautiful detailed glow:1.1 leaning back:1.2 grim expression:1.1 small:1.1 lime hair:1.4 long white hair:1.1 facing viewer:1.3 halo:1.3 head tilt:1.1 blue armor:1.1 layered skirt black eyes:1.4 floating cape:1.1 succubus horns demon horns:1.1 castle:1.4 outside:1.1 hair bow flying:1.1 dark skin:1.1 upper body:1.2 symbol-shaped pupils detailed rainbow pupils" elf:0.5:1.1 chubby girl thin adult girl:1.2 post apocalypse:0.8 looking down methurlant Dean Cornwell A portrait of a female cyborg dark skin:1.3 depressing:1.1 white skin" photo shiny skin skinny girl:1.2 full body:0.6 rainbow skin:1.6 chubby body:0.8 nude embarrassed:1.4 lying:1.2 squatting semen pussy juice cum window messy room:1.2 dripping cum detailed vagina girl hentai large breasts:0.7 ahegao face hentai ahegao face joy face sitting on couch white cum mistress costume tongue out tongue hentai demon:1.3 body tattoos volumetric shading subsurface scattering heart on chest" "tano clothed detailed fluffy fur fluffy short hair blue eyes 1boy nipples male focus muscular abs pectorals muscular male sheath bara pelvic curtain large pectorals topless male sheathed bare pectorals purple fur detailed fur god body" "what is life but a fevered dream? their eyes are yet to open the gears are set in place to guide me to affinity atrophy the thorn of time's aging vine harrowing winds press the mesh and curse the flesh rotting away but here in this reality my thoughts transform fatality an almost endless exploration of our cosmic minds perpetuated through the sands of time contort reality distort fallacy pave my way resort to malady this lucid dream lingers onward indefinitely i am one omnipotent i am the one icarus i'll touch the sun absurdly long hair dark angel chaos energy darkness purple energy cosmic horror fractal art accurate clean focus full sharp 16k highest quality professional image of a hologram mecha in a dynamic pose planetary destruction glaxies shooting stars floating metal pieces glowing hair glowing eyes glowin teeth super nova Fire isometric view" "nsfw winter night rain:1.3 raindrop effects:1.3 detailed face:1.2 photo-realistic:1.30 bokeh soft lighting bloom adult perfect skin cleavage sexy hips a-line bob hair looking at camera:1.4 thigh gap soft light black thong white jacket thigh socks medium breast" mountain blood moon bat Dawn Art Deco Secondary colors:1.1 Perspective:1.1 bat:1.1 moon:1.2 Cthulhu lovecraft cthulhu lovecraftian style gradient color jungle antichrist cross Cross of Saint Peter sharp glowing eyes green eyes flams on eyes flame eye neon green eyes digital illustration Duy Huynh Jackson Pollock masterpiece splendid and colorful out of focus RAW photograph art portrait highest details neon color a mind flayer Muted colors:1.1 yellow rust Hypercube ultra detailed shiny underwater transparent sealed hemispherical glass dome barefoot long hair tranquil nature rainbow veins everywhere oozing thick neon rainbow blood neon spider web rainbow skin:1.4 latex pants succubus girl nuclear explosion halo black halo fire halo satanic halo glowing border symmetric colorful skin nude girl:0.7 sharp teeths glowing body rainbow eyes demon waifu succubus:0.9 cum girl Eye of Providence" "Bonnie fnaf rainbow springtrap muscular animatronic inside home Springtrap Nightmare Springtrap realistic springtrap fnaf springtrap creepy springtrap Springtrap potrait springtrap costume green veins everywhere blood on body Hypercube fnaf pizzeria ultra detail freddy fazbear springtrap Five Nights at Freddy's a lot of blood fnaf animatronic nightmare animatronic golden freddy pizzeria background beksinski style lubrified body body reflections bloody shattered glass:1.3 lensflare rim lighting muscular hands glowing rainbow teeth glowing mouth" thin anime girl:1.2 style-swirl magic:0.8 methurlant surreal color palette:crimson:1.1 color palette:cerulean:1" japanese clothes kimono long sleeves sash white kimono wide sleeves wind white dragon Transparent background:1.5 chubby girl:0.6 koi Underwater Dome L deathnote L from death note Light yagami light yagami from deathy note front view:1.1 Ryuk deathnote running pose oozing thick rainbow blood Dynamic actions Box composition sit cross-legged and lean against the bookshel multi-color eyes hyper detailed light smile small details good anatomy beautiful lighting award-winning abstract art:1.4 bleeding blue blue theme evocative emotional side view perfect shading detailed girl feet anime feet electronic aura:1.1" "a dangerous looking man rainbow blood on top of a table with a demon head high quality render Satanic Pentagram:1.1 rainbow skin:1.2 venom suite glowing teeths biomechanical biomachine infrared borders rainbow halo burning halo:1.1 spine halo white long hair universe hair cross on chest cross symbol female:0.6 black void aura neon rainbow hair chubby:0.8 glowing face cyborg body" chubby girl:1.2 male body:1.3 Divine body:1.1 disturbing:1.2 pale gothic evil queen rainbow skin:1.9 man body cute anime girl venom suit:1.2 symmetrical antichrist inverted cross broken time shattered universe hell on earth hell halo walking electronic aura:0.9 satanic cross:1.1 in milky way satanic symbols:1.1 rainbow skin:1.7 unknowan fear demon wings welcoming arms falling meteorite exploding sun" hentai girl nude girl hentai girl naked hentai princess peach hentai spread legs hentai exposed vagina chubby chubby girl:1.4 messy room:1.3 large breasts:0.8 ultra detailed anime high res anime sideview:1.2 springtrap suite chubby girl:1.3 "Anime happy girl anime cute girl kawaii girl L from deathnote sideview:1.1 in a forest:1.3 female succubus "Goku dragonball skinny:1.2 full body:0.7 large breasts:0.9 skinny girl:1.3 rainbow skin:1.5 demon succubus:1.3 raiden shogun wet clothes bare hips sheer shirt from above:1.7 translucent dress water drop rain stained wet hair wet dress wet scenery nature background on back water lying in water abstract expressionism art:1.4 girl | fire ghost:10 love sparking fire red eyes dark rainbow theme gorgeous perferct shading" "pixel art:1.3 geometric:1.3 impressionist:1.2 detailed1.3 fascinating:1.6 female nurse directly facing the camera:1.1 angelic:1.6 female demon flagellation flagellating pain centered:1.2 succubus:1.6 colorful:1.4 neon sharp strings color palette:cerulean blood tears fractal art:1.1 flowers:1.3 zentangle:1.2 many colors:1.4 earrings feathers:1.5 satanism futuristic city satan pentagram" "perfect female form beautiful eyes eyeliner expressive eyes hair in the wind adorable huge natural breasts narrow waists armored knight:1.4 wearing a cape a photo of a sea witch green short hair evil villain she's coming for you<