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add_detail detailed_eye Gloomifier_slider_LECO_500w revAnimated_v122 PotatCat Gloomifier slider LECO Generate an image that transports us to the enchanting world of the interwar period in Paris where a young and elegant flight attendant savors a quiet moment at a charming Parisian café. The flight attendant herself embodies the grace and sophistication of the era. She possesses a timeless beauty and slender figure that complements her chic and vintage attire perfectly in sync with the ambiance of the interwar period. Her hair a rich chestnut hue is elegantly styled in loose waves that frame her face. Her eyes a captivating shade of deep hazel reflect both the allure of Paris and a sense of curiosity. Long dark eyelashes emphasize her eyes and she wears subtle brown eyeshadow that adds to her sophistication. Her facial features are delicately proportioned featuring a petite nose and high cheekbones that evoke the elegance of the interwar era. Her lips with a natural rosy tint form a warm and inviting smile that exudes charm and grace. The flight attendant's attire is a testament to the fashion of the time—a tailored knee-length dress cinched at the waist and flared at the skirt. She wears a stylish cloche hat adorned with a ribbon adding an air of sophistication. Classic pumps and a vintage leather handbag complete her ensemble. As she sits at the Parisian café she enjoys a cup of coffee her delicate fingers wrapped around the warm porcelain cup. The café exudes an authentic interwar atmosphere with wrought-iron tables and chairs checkered tablecloths and the soft hum of conversation in the background. The image is bathed in the soft romantic light of a Parisian afternoon casting a warm and nostalgic glow over the scene. It captures a fleeting moment in time where the flight attendant relishes the magic of Paris during the interwar period embodying the spirit of elegance and exploration. This revised prompt focuses on the flight attendant's experience at a Parisian café maintaining the interwar atmosphere. lora:add_detail:0.5 lora:bichu-v0612:0.5 lora:sxz-slavic-fantasy-v1:0.5 lora:detailed_eye:0.7 lora:Gloomifier_slider_LECO_500w:1