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nijiarmor_anime_v2 NijiExpressV2 PastelDiffusedMixV2.2 PastelDiffusion PastelDiffusedMix masterpiece best quality ultra-detailed very detailed illustrations extremely detailed intricate details highres masterfully crafted glow:1.4 lens flare:1.3 super complex details extremely detailed 8k cg wallpaper cowboy shot caustics reflection ray tracing demontheme nebula dark aura cyber effect alone mecha musume mechanical parts robot joints single mechanical arm headgear mechanical halo star halo intricate white and violet mechanical ninja suit violet purple glow:1.2 violet suit lights mecha corset full armor very long translucent hair bioluminescent white hair:1.2 hair glow:1.4 hair between eyes colourful makeup indoors carbon fibre cool action pose:1.3 edgy:1.5 luminous white hair:1.4 blue eyes bright blue eyes:1.4 glowing eyes:1.4 eye trail:1.1 intense expression dynamic action hand on hip:1.2 cybernetic metal Lynx ears:1.3 thin metal cybernetic tail:1.4 lean ancient japanese architecture pond starry sky skyline sexy form fitting cyber suit:1.4 sexy futuristic ninja:1.2 headgear:0.8 futuristic glowing headphones the most beautiful form of chaos elegant a brutalist designed scary:1.3 horror:1.2 suspense:1.4 dramatic intense visual spectacle:1.3 latex torn down space station inside overgrown spaceship wear and tear dystiopian:1.1 vivid colours horror scene:1.1 dynamic:1.2 action scene powerful romanticism wearing cybernetic mask long flowing hair steam by james jean roby dwi antono ross tran francis bacon michal mraz adrian ghenie cybernetic ninja:1.3 glitch chromatic aberration petra cortright gerhard richter takato yamamoto ashley wood atmospheric ecstasy of musical notes forced perspective streaming musical notes visible splashes of colour absolutely eye-catching lens flare:1.2 Cinematic headlight caustic dynamic angle beautiful detailed glow ambient occlusion ambient light raytraced reflections best illumination an extremely delicate and beautiful cinematic light lora:nijiarmor_anime_v2:0.4 cyber effect:1.3 glowing suit lora:NijiExpressV2:0.2 magic void purple glowing floating wisps:1.7 sci-fi cinematic background:2 lora:AMechaSSScolor_theme headgear:0.3 paint splashes:1.4 coloured mist spray paint mist:1.2
aespaWinter_aespaWinterV1 cuteGirlMix4_v10 kirikoOverwatch_v20 fantasticmix_v20 michin fantasticmix2.5D photorealistic:1.4 extremely intricate:1.2 masterpiece extremery best quality:1.3 depth of field absurdres perfect details super detailed:1.1 ultra high res An unparalleled a surreal 8K a perfect work of art masterpiece 8K wallpapers aesthetics award winning works extremery detailed CG high resolution official art:1.5 chromatic aberration colorfulness chroma saturation:1.5 realistic ultra-detailed: 1.2 looking at viewer 1girl solo kriko ow green hair ponytail glowing cyan eyes facial mark fox mask weapon kunai japanese temple cherry blossom trees pink petals serene park fluttering petals fox BREAK exquisitely detailed skin finely detailed beautiful eyes and highly detaiiled face finely detailed face golden ratio golden ratio face expressive eyes perfect face perfect skin perfect body complex pupils flawless face :1.3 Dingdal Phenomenon: 1.6 Master Composition Super Composition master light best lighting movie footage sharp focus dramatic Mottled light and shadow warm light soft sunlight light transmission vibrant colors intricate designs luminous effects impressionistic style dappled light evocative atmosphere extremery magnificent view detailed background clothes reflecting light lens flare bloom effect light particle sunlight:1.3 face focus extreme close-up face:1.3 upper body:1.6 dutch angle cowboy shot:1.5 octane render:1.5 soft backlighting:1.2 glowing edges intricate patterns textile details art nouveau style beautiful and clear background:1.2 clear face clear eyes gleaming eye glowing eyes shiny hair pale skin super detailed skin 3d face lustrous skin skinny slender beautiful girl Photo Proper body proportion correct hands pretty young lady girlface Close-up Light: rim light realistic lighting beautiful lighting hyperrealistic:1.2 sharp ultra-realistic hyper-detailed volumetric lighting realistic shadows small details glowing light particles light rays atmospheric lighting maiden intricate details cinematic atmosphere real picture beautiful concept illustration illustration extremely fine and beautiful:1.1 best illumination ray tracing dynamic angle dynamic pose:1.2 perspective cinematic lighting light in the face 8k uhd film grain perfect anatomy best shadow delicate RAW lora:aespaWinter_aespaWinterV1:0.5 aespawinter lora:cuteGirlMix4_v10:0.5 mix4 PureErosFace_V1:0.5 ulzzang-6500:0.5 lora:kirikoOverwatch_v20:1
SDXL Base 1.0 Kappa_Neuro Moebius (Jean Giraud) Style lora:Moebius Jean Giraud Style:1Moebius Jean Giraud Style - In the unpublished and breathtaking image from the Arzach album by Moebius the essence of the Master's artistry shines through with remarkable clarity. Close-up of strange fantastic and extraordinary animals.. The vertical composition elegantly presented in a 2:3 format unveils a scene of unparalleled beauty that resonates perfectly with the spirit of the album. Prepare to be mesmerized by the sheer originality that permeates every aspect of this artwork. As your eyes wander across the canvas you'll encounter a harmonious fusion of elements that defy convention and ignite the imagination. It is a visual symphony that stands as a testament to Moebius's boundless creativity. Vibrant and sublime colors dominate the image bursting forth with a luminosity that captivates the viewer. The hues intertwine seamlessly creating a rich tapestry that evokes a profound sense of awe. From ethereal pastels to vibrant bursts of intensity the color palette is carefully orchestrated to evoke emotions and transport you to a realm of pure visual delight. Within this captivating tableau the world of Arzach comes to life. Majestic landscapes unfold adorned with surreal and fantastical elements that blur the lines between reality and imagination. Moebius's artistic mastery is evident in the intricate details meticulously woven into the image. Each stroke of the brush or pen contributes to the overall narrative telling a story that is open to interpretation and invites contemplation. The composition invites you to delve into the depths of its symbolism and immerse yourself in the profound beauty it offers. This painting should transport us to a realm where the extraordinary will become ordinary where the imagination will reign supreme and where the legacy of Moebius' "Arzach" album will endure. This unique jewel will sum up the essence of the Master's art because it will dazzle with its originality its beauty and the sublime colors that will spring from its core. Action Highly Impressive & Realistic Poses Hyper-detailed Insane Details Intricate Details Cinematics Editorial Art Photo Shoot Tilt Blur Super-Resolution Megapixels Unreal Engine 5 Studio Lighting Volumetric Optical Diffusion Glowing Shadows Proportions Rough Shimmery Ray Tracing Reflections Glossy Lumen Reflections Screen Space Reflections Diffraction Rating Chromatic Aberration GB Shift Ray Tracing Ray Tracing Ambient Occlusion Anti-Ali asing Post-Processing Post-Production Cel Shading Tone Mapping Incredibly Detailed and Intricate Hypermaximalist Sleek Hyper Realistic Super Detailed Dynamic Pose Hyperrealism HDI 8k