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Ariel_character add_detail uv FilmG2 LowRA jkUnderwaterShot reelunderwater ghostmix_v20Bakedvae YeiYeiArt Ariel (The Little Mermaid) Princess Disney, by YeiyeiArt ariel mermaid:1.2 leaning foward ass up detailed light cinematic lighting very detailed eyes best quality beautiful face ultra detailed highres light rays shortstack:1.5 very long hair 1girl small breasts:1.1 long Red hair beautiful short height average body weight:1.4 a little curvy:1.4 wide hips solo arms up shortstack:1.7 skindentation:1.5 blush:1.2 looking at viewer skindentation:1.6 action shot slow motion motion blur choker cross choker accent lighting fliying hair:1.4 green pants blushes bruises:1.2 straps shiny skin underwater swimming bubbles ambient oclusion full body leaning foward swiming pose caustics hdr fog film grain depth of field shell bra bubbles on foreground ArielWaifu:1lora:Ariel_character:0.4 detailed underwater coral background dynamic angle:1.2 dynamic pose:1.2 very long mermaid tail:1.5 alluring mermaid ethereal face focus 8k RAW photo masterpiece:1.2 photon mapping radiosity 35 mm focal length particles ravishing beautiful lighting high detailed vivid contrasting colors chromatic aberration vibrant digital illustration behance hd realistic:1.2 high contrast:1.2 shallow depth of field bloom RSEEmma:1.2 Volumetric Lighting extremely detailed CG 8k illustrations hyper detailed ultra high res high resolution intricate details RSEEmma lora:add_detail:0.6 lora:uv:0.4 lora:FilmG2:0.4 lora:LowRA:0.3 lora:RSERomantic_RSESofiko_RSEEmma-v1:0.6 lora:jkUnderwaterShot:0.6 lora:reelunderwater:0.3