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DarkSushi2.5Dv3.0fp16 Aitasai Dark Sushi 2.5D 大颗寿司2.5D 1girl solo long hair smile skirt gloves heterochromia hair ornament fingerless gloves bow hair bow jewelry black gloves plaid skirt multicolored hair fishnets looking at viewer shirt plaid earrings black bow nail polish belt heart red shirt short sleeves grin crop top single glove bangs red skirt cowboy shot arms up bandages hairclip choker ahoge black nails signature pink eyes necktie bandaged arm very long hair spikes midriff collar pleated skirt black choker black necktie pink hair polka dot blush ear piercing miniskirt grey eyes grey hair piercing hands up multicolored nails heart hair ornament streaked hair black collar black belt white hair red eyes red nails frills safety pin x hair ornament ring breasts buckle badge chain spiked bracelet character name bracelet pink background cropped legs single fingerless glove navel sidelocks spiked collar studded belt gradient hair belt buckle fishnet pantyhose two-tone hair multicolored skirt heart earrings standing button badge teeth red hair collarbone off shoulder polka dot bow red jacket artist name ribbon off-shoulder shirt virtual youtuber wavy hair border cropped jacket hair ribbon wristband black ribbon food-themed hair ornament clothes writing frilled shirt pantyhose english text medium breasts small breasts outside border half gloves black skirt colored tips heart ahoge twitter username black shirt pink nails crop top overhang bandaged leg fingernails white shirt two side up mole two-tone background asymmetrical gloves rose flower asymmetrical clothes
animeLeges danni2D_e5 envy_betterhands_beta2 spicybabes_v4 JoeLink SpicyBabes masterpiece realistic:1.3 extremely intricate:1.2 photorealistic:1.4 extremely delicate ultra realistic:1.3 hyperrealistic 3d render highly detailed illustration fantasy absurd res magazine cover a woman doing tempting pose sexy poses standing full body shot:1.2 simple background:1.2 white background perspective 1girl milf mature woman sexy office suit:1.2 shirt bra mini skirt panties huge boobs:1.2 earrings black choker smile extremely detailed face nice detailed eyes perfect eyes seductive eyes perfect hands detailed fingers beautiful detailed eyes brown eyes long pony tail hair looking at the viewer from below from front from back multiple views character turn around with same cloth charturnerv2 evocative Tanzanite Dazzling luster that sparkles brilliantly in the light Loose-fitting garment with gathered sleeves and ornate embroidery Mistress Average Height Firm Triangular Face Olive Skin Dark Brown Hair Brown Eyes with Green Flecks Long Nose Pouty Lips Receding Chin Long Hair Fine Hair Sleek Straight Hair augmented breasts Dangle earrings violet metallic lipstick Enigmatic portal shrouded in myth and beckoning to other realms art by zhang yimou photographed on a Canon 5D Mark II with Canon MPE65 lens 1/125th f/13 ISO 100 lora:sxz-niji-v2:0.4 nijistyle lora:animeLeges:0.2 beautylegs slim legs long legs high heels thighhighs stockings lace trim legwear lora:danni2D_e5:0.2 lora:odaNonStyle-v1.5newcraft:0.4 lora:envy_betterhands_beta2:1.35
Kisaku_KK77 Inner Moka Akashiya 赤夜萌香 | Rosario + Vampire ロザリオとバンパイア Red color flaming eye:1.3 Red color eye trail flaming eye eye trail lora:flamingEyeConcept_flamingEye:0.8 地点:Night:1.7 standing on the rooftop 动作: 服饰:green_jacket brown skirt black legwear black choker pantyhose Deep_cleavage 角色:lora:MokaAkashiya-V1:0.7 头发:long white hair glowing_red_eyes 角色鎖定: 1 girl Solo Manga 20yo mature female Beautiful Finger Beautiful long legs Beautiful body Beautiful Nose Beautiful character design perfect eyes perfect face 眼神表情: looking at viewer serious 畫質: official art extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper masterpiece:1.0 best_quality:1.0 ultra high res 4K ultra-detailed photography 8K HDR highres absurdres:1.2 Kodak portra 400 film grain blurry background bokeh:1.2 lens flare vibrant_color:1.2 身材: Beautiful large_Breasts:1.4 beautiful_face:1.5 narrow_waist Negative prompt: EasyNegative bad_prompt bad-artist-anime bad-hands-5 lowres bad anatomy bad hands text error missing fingers extra digit fewer digits cropped jpeg artifacts signature watermark username blurry out of focus censorship Missing vagina Blurry faces Blank faces bad face Ugly extra ear amputee missing hands missing arms missing legs Extra fingers 6 fingers Extra feet Missing nipples ghost futanari Extra legs Extra hands panties pants painting by bad-artist-anime:0.9 painting by bad-artist:0.9 normal quality artist name worst quality low quality:1.4 Steps: 27 Sampler: Euler a CFG scale: 7 Seed: 3076081841 Size: 512x768 Model hash: 3e9211917c Model: yesmix_v16Original Denoising strength: 0.5 Hires upscale: 2 Hires steps: 18 Hires upscaler: Latent