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Nicaine add details? / 加点细节?Style Lora 1girl above_clouds aerial_fireworks alien america american_flag angela_balzac antlers artoria_pendragon_\lancer\_\fate\ astronaut aurora baggy_clothes balcony bangs beamed_eighth_notes blonde_hair bracelet building campfire card_\medium\ castle chimney christmas christmas_lights christmas_ornaments christmas_tree city city_lights cityscape clock_tower closed_eyes cloud column concert constellation constellation_print crescent crescent_facial_mark crescent_moon desert different_reflection diffraction_spikes dress dusk dust earrings earth_\planet\ embers ferris_wheel festival fireflies fireworks flag_background fountain full_moon galaxy globe glowing glowing_butterfly glowing_wings gown gradient_sky halftone halftone_background head_back hirschgeweih_antennas jewelry lamppost lance_of_longinus light light_particles light_trail lighthouse lights lily_\flower\ long_hair meme merry_christmas milky_way miyamizu_mitsuha moon moon_\ornament\ moonlight music night night_sky no_eyepatch onsen partially_underwater_shot pegasus pillar pine_tree planet princess_serenity print_headwear projected_inset purple_sky pussy_juice_puddle rainbow red_moon reflection reflective_water reindeer reindeer_antlers rocket roman_numeral rooftop rosalina science_fiction sheryl_nome shooting_star shore singing single_thighhigh sky skyline skyscraper snow snowing solo space space_craft space_helmet spacesuit sparkle sparkler sparks spilling spotlight stadium staff_\music\ stage_lights star-shaped_pupils star_\sky\ star_\symbol\ star_guardian_\league_of_legends\ starry_background starry_sky starry_sky_print summer_festival sunrise swing tanabata tanzaku tarot telescope tent touwa_erio tower twilight uchiwa ufo ultimate_madoka vines window winter wreath yukata full body lora:自练画风 加点细节:1