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Super detailed images generated with AI

Yamer Grimlock Antonia Vicious Freek22 IU XXMix_9realisticSDXL Alexa Breit RAMTHURST Karras SDXLRagingNebula FaeTasticSDXL2.0 Faeia 🥂🎆SDXL FaeTastic🎆🥂 lora:SDXLRagingNebula:0.8ragingnebula a transparent ornate robot unicorn red nebula swirling inside glass transparent perfect composition hyperrealistic super detailed 8k high quality trending art trending on artstation sharp focus studio photo intricate details highly detailed ChalkDustStyleSDXL protovisionXLHighFidelity3D_beta0520Bakedvae socalguitarist ProtoVision XL - High Fidelity 3D / Photorealism / Anime / hyperrealism - No Refiner Needed Hyperrealistic art A mesmerizing macro shot of "translucent and shimmering creatures/plants" within the backdrop of a wild forest these transparent and iridescent beings thrive amidst the untamed wilderness Wilderness Illumination:1.4 Transparency in Nature:1.3 Shimmering Biodiversity:1.2 Untamed Ecosystem:1.2 art inspired by the hidden gems of the forest's flora and fauna Abstract photography Astrophotography Lens 50mm astrophotography lora:1987 Action Figure Playset Packaging_1:0.6 lora:ChalkDustStyleSDXL:0.3 masterpiece best quality:1.5 . Extremely high-resolution details photographic realism pushed to extreme fine texture incredibly lifelike The TrualityEngine V3 - Final Version Tower13Studios The Truality Engine 21yo DV_Manuela_Vicious Black Theme Black backdrop:1.4 Close-Up Shot headshot:1.4 red long curls :1.4wearing Black sweatshirt :1.4 35mm F/2.8 Photo Focus DOF Aperture insanely detailed and intricate character
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