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IronCatMan Outfit_Guitars Char_Meme_Civitaichan Char_HonkaiStarRail_Kafka Char_Fate_Saber Char_Fate_TohsakaRinFate Char_VTuber_TsunomakiWatame Char_FireEmblem_Felicia Char_MGR_JetstreamSam Char_OC_JustTNP Char_OC_ElieMacDowell NaoyaV3 yuuki_nanase Char_DressUpDarling_Marin KazukiAdapt BloodsplashOCv1 SatonakaChieLORA Char_DMC_Vergil DipDyedHair Char_Meme_Peepy meinamix_meinaV11 Meina MeinaMix camp fire christmas presents on snow outdoor night scene snowing christmas hat yeti stop sign 1 giant cat peeking out of a tree yeti playing an electric guitar snow guitar electric guitar lora:Outfit_Guitars:0.8 lora:Char_Meme_Civitaichan:0.8 civitai-chan braided bangs multicolored hair black hair blue hair blue eyes necklace labcoat shirt shirt tucked in single vertical stripe black skirt pencil skirt pantyhose lora:Char_HonkaiStarRail_Kafka:1 Kafka purple eyes jacket lora:Char_Fate_Saber:0.85 artoria pendragon \fate\ dress armor lora:Char_Fate_TohsakaRinFate:0.8 tohsaka rin long hair thighhighs skirt black thighhighs lora:Char_VTuber_TsunomakiWatame:0.9 Tsunomaki Watame lora:Char_FireEmblem_Felicia:0.9 feliciarnd lora:Char_MGR_JetstreamSam:0.75 Jetstream Sam facial hair male focus beard cyborg lora:Char_OC_JustTNP:0.8 justtnp heterochromia formal black jacket black necktie black pants lora:Char_OC_ElieMacDowell:0.9 elie macdowell green eyes hairband lora:AhsokaS7_V1-Manityro-dadapt:1 lora:NaoyaV3:1 lora:persona3_yuki-10:1 lora:tow-concept-richy-v2:0.8 towlauncher tripod scope lora:yuuki_nanase:1 lora:Char_DressUpDarling_Marin:1 kitagawa marin blonde hair red eyes jewelry earrings piercing sunglasses choker lora:KazukiAdapt:1 kazami kazuki silver hair lora:BloodsplashOCv1:1 Bloodsplash lora:SatonakaChieLORA:1 satonaka chie lora:Char_DMC_Vergil:0.75 vergildmc5 lora:DipDyedHair:0.8 side-swept bangs messy mid ponytail thick eyebrows freckles pink IncursioDipDyedHair lora:Char_Meme_Peepy:1 peepy
Animal_mecha add_detail coconutFurryMix2_coconut20Av1Vivid YukiLaneige Coconut furry mix 2 ultra realistic masterpiece wildlife|fashion photography Purple ambient light three-quarter view straight on solo cute female anthro meercat beautiful beautiful body young small breasts flat chest Turquoise body detailed mouth thick thighs:0.3 cute rendered eyes ambient light reflected on body intricate gold Weresheep blonde hair horns sheep ears fur-trim neck bell lora:CHAR-Weresheep:0.3 golden anklet feathered hair ornament all fours ass up raised tail reclining on a couch looking at viewer uploaded on e621 by Manmosu Marimo:0.5 by Barbara Takenaga by darkgem_0.5 by Affandi by Youjomodoki lora:Animal_mecha:0.8 animal mecha realistic engraved metal surface cyborg lora:add_detail:0.5 Joyful Futuristic Zen Spa A spa with anti-gravity relaxation pods holographic water features and biofeedback technology providing an otherworldly and rejuvenating experience Levitating Bed with Holographic Canopy A bed hovering above the floor using anti-gravity technology accompanied by a holographic canopy that projects immersive ambient scenes Vortex Waterfall Chasms Chasms with waterfall vortices where water flows in swirling patterns creating a captivating and dynamic feature within the alien landscape Floating Rock Archipelago A network of floating rock islands suspended in the sky connected by natural arches with waterfalls cascading from the floating cliffs Living Quilted Hills Hills covered in quilted patterns of living organisms that change colors and textures creating a constantly shifting and harmonious alien landscape detailed 8k uhd high quality high quality photography 3 point lighting flash with softbox 4k Canon EOS R3 hdr smooth sharp focus high resolution 80mm f2.8 cinematic composition highly detailed best quality intricate high detail:1.4 film photography