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Elsa Jean ManOfCulture Elsa Jean XL ElsaJean_SDXL_v1.0 leosamsHelloworldXL_helloworldXL50GPT4V lora:ElsaJean_SDXL_v1.0:1 ohwx woman Advanced Digital Photo shot on a Canon EOS R5 inspired by the work of Annie Leibovitz featuring a modest Caucasian female model in a long-sleeved high-neck tunic-style top in a designer modest brand with a subtle natural texture and a vivid primary blue color the top is made of a light breathable linen fabric with a natural flowing and intricate detailed stitching the stitching is tight and precise curve the color is a designer vivid with bold contrasting tones and a subtle variation the print is simple and elegant design and the sleeving is long and flowing with intricate and a loose comfortable fit the model's hair is styled in a natural textured updo with a loose wavy tousled style and a natural subtle hair accessory to match the overall aesthetic the model's forehead is clear shine her hairline is recessed her ears are small and delicate with small simple gold stud earrings her eyebrows are full slightly arched shape her eyelashes are long thick and dark curl her eyes are a deep striking with a slight upturn at the outer corners her cheeks are high flush her nose is straight with a slight upturn at the tip her nostrils are small and symmetrical her lips are full her teeth are straight white and even her mouth is slightly open relaxed and confident expression her chin is slightly pointed cleft and the overall is emphasized through the use of advanced photographic settings focusing on intense contrastive shadow and beauty to create a captivating high-fashion image the post-processing effects include a bold contrastive color grade with a sharp increase in contrast saturation and vibrance and a bold vignette to create a vivid attracting the attention of viewers and leaving a lasting impression.
SakimiChanStyle_V1 lou 3DBoosterHorrid add_detail more_details epiNoiseoffset sxzCinematic_500SoftEnough sxzBloom_sxzBloom 28DSTABLEBESTVERSION_28dv3realcook Merjic majicMIX reverie 麦橘梦幻 best quality masterpiece:1.4 extremely detailed 8k high quality cinematic hyper realistic illustration absurdres octane render sleek beautiful fit fantastic realism vibrant color high detail rich textures accurate anatomy perfect hands perfect feet complete fingers natural form normalcy proper number of limbs symmetrical flawless skilled shading high-resolution depth-filled polished smooth edges consistent styles innovative design perfect proportions properly aligned features precise harmonious colors minimal noise soft lighting creative fluid movement intricately detailed dynamic perspective balanced composition 3-dimensional natural posing high contrast Full body high-definition portrayal of a celestial goddess her statuesque figure seemingly carved from marble skin glowing with the shimmer of countless stars. Hair that streams down her back woven from purest moonlight perfectly framing her sapphire eyes that hold the depth of the cosmos. Wrapped in a gown of nebulous silk she clutches a staff tipped with a miniature galaxy. She poses at the precipice of a grand astral citadel pillars reaching towards the constellations the canvas of the cosmos sprawling endlessly around her planets and comets dancing in the celestial orchestra lyco:EnvyElegance:0.75 beautiful confident elegant lyco:EnvySuperMix:0.55 lora:SakimiChanStyle_V1:0.25 sakimichan lora:hipoly_3dcg_v7-epoch:0.35 3d:1.1 realistic lora:lou:0.25 CG vfx lora:3DBoosterHorrid:0.25 Horridthreed lyco:miniatureWorldStyle:0.45 mini\ttp\ miniature cityscape world isometric view landscape terrain macro-enhanced lora:add_detail:0.75 lora:more_details:0.25 lora:epiNoiseoffset:0.15 rim light key Light fill light backlight ambient light hair light accent light three-point lighting soft light volumetric light hypernet:sxzCinematic_500SoftEnough:0.15 hypernet:sxzBloom_sxzBloom:0.15