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add_detail Furtastic_Detailer coconutFurryMix2_coconut20Av1Vivid chilon249 Ori-ArtStyle LoRA ASCIIlora:add_detail:0.4 three point perspective dynamic action scene award winning photography masterpiece fashion photography Prime lens extreme close-up solo cute female anthro wolf detailed and extremely fluffy body fur beautiful beautiful body young small breasts flat chest detailed mouth thick thighs:0.3 glossy fur perfect thighs perfect calves long eyelashes cute rendered eyes chibi:0.5 Chartreuse and sandy fur Goddess Braids Aqua and black hair character_hair_add all fours dynamic pose movement pose uploaded on e621 by Hasui Kawase:0.5 by Barbara Takenaga by darkgem_0.5 by Affandi by Beatrice Ethel Lithiby by Catcouch lora:Furtastic_Detailer:0.2 lora:S1-Ori-ArtStyle_DreamLike-000008:0.3 ori and the will of the wisps side view high angle close-up midriff whimsical gown in soft pastel hues reminiscent of fairy tale princess Sheer illusion neckline and sleeves adorned with delicate floral appliques and sequins layered ethereal skirt with gradient of colors creating magical and enchanting effect Flowing chiffon and organza layers that make her feel like she's floating on air as she dances goth-girl outfit feathered headdress Fearful nighttime intricate organic architecture ethereal decorated fantasy harem fantasy magical garden night sky colored fairy lights dim lighting surreal architecture blue sky golden flowery patterns Intricately Carved Wooden Throne decorated with Elaborate detailing depicting mythical creatures and symbols spacious Marbled Courtyard with elegant marble flooring detailed realistic 8k uhd high quality high quality photography 3 point lighting flash with softbox 4k Canon EOS R3 hdr smooth sharp focus high resolution award winning photo 80mm f2.8 bokeh cinematic composition cinematic lighting highly detailed best quality intricate:0.9 high detail:1.4 film photography