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ScrapBuiltAIp _MoHawk_V2.0.fp16 x (1-alpha) + _MoHawk_V2.0_072.fp16 x alpha (0.0 1.0 0.994936342592593 0.980324074074074 0.95703125 0.925925925925926 0.887876157407407 0.84375 0.794415509259259 0.740740740740741 0.5 0.437644675925926 0.376157407407408 0.31640625 0.259259259259259 0.205584490740741 0.15625 0.112123842592592 0.0740740740740742 0.0429687499999996 0),1.0,0.994936342592593,0.980324074074074,0.95703125,0.925925925925926,0.887876157407407,0.84375,0.794415509259259,0.740740740740741,0.5,0.437644675925926,0.376157407407408,0.31640625,0.259259259259259,0.205584490740741,0.15625,0.112123842592592,0.0740740740740742,0.0429687499999996,0)" Aurety _MOHAWK_ movie still cinematic view of lora:ScrapBuiltAIp:0.1 scrapbuiltai madmax style medieval postapocalyptic shanti town a grand capital city nestled in the heart of a magical realm inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. The city stands as a testament to both architectural splendor and mystical enchantments. The streets are bustling with life details The buildings showcase a harmonious blend of traditional medieval design and whimsical magical enhancements. Ornate bridges span over flowing rivers and canals connecting various districts of the city. Gardens and parks are interspersed throughout teeming with vibrant otherworldly flora and fauna. In the central square a magnificent fountain serves as a gathering place its waters sparkling with magical energies dark fantasy mythology and science-fiction 3d render intricate masterpiece intricate details Photorealistic movie 8K High Resolution Real Ultra-Detailler aesthetic high contrast:1.3 highly detailed hyperrealistic UHD HDR 16K professional photography perfect focus awesome perspective