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Warhammer40KSistersOf_2Rank8 whsororitas envybetterhandsLocon_beta2 revAnimated_v122 InvictusAI Warhammer 40K Sisters of Battle 64k masterpiece:1.21 best quality:1.21 an extremely delicate and beautiful Hasselblad photography realistic photo-realistic:1.3 UHD high res HDR cinematic lighting highly detailed highly detailed background perspective bokeh depth of field ray tracing professional RAW photo subsurface scattering PBR texturing post-processing anisotropic filtering maximum clarity and sharpness multi-layered textures albedo and specular maps surface shading accurate simulation of light-material interaction perfect proportions two-tone lighting wide aperture low ISO white balance rule of thirds dynamic segmentation best composition best story expression best visual expression trending on instagram vivid color:1.31 1girl:1.5 solo cute realistic skin texture light on face focus on face sharp focus nose blush beautiful detailed face:1.2 blush beautiful perfect eyes perfect skin looking at viewer young girl:1.3 small face:1.2 thick thighs:1.2 full body lora:bbqi_1:0.6:KEEPCHAR bbqi lora:Warhammer40KSistersOf_2Rank8:0.5 adepta sororitas holding holding gun finger on trigger Matte black| gold weapon_metal:1.4 Gorgeous metal weapon boltgun rifle handgun gun warhammer 40K lora:whsororitas:0.5 whsororitas magazine sniper scope short barrel muzzle brake space marine armor angry shouting burning city ruins flair dusts in the air wind blow lora:envybetterhandsLocon_beta2:1 nice hand