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SithoutfitV2 CyberPunkAI more_details majicmixHorror_v1 Merjic majicMIX horror 麦橘恐怖 a girl dressed in a sthoutfit The hunt in the alley Red kimono Black shorts Long black army boots A graceful stance Silk clothing Lightsaber in hand dark atmosphere dark theme Cyberpunk Japanese Street science fictionStar Wars:1.4 Aggressive style haute couture designer clothes:1.4 domineering proud mighty woman aesthetics:1.4 masterpiece:1.4 realistic:1.3 finely detailed quality detailed skin:1.3 dramatic insane details intricate details highly detailed high resolution HDR vivid colors:1.3 color full:1.3 ultra detailed 8k cg extremely absurd Midnight Neon light Stand high Black gloves:1.4 perfect beautiful realistic face mature female Tall in stature 1girl nice girl gorgeous girl solo huge breasts perfect female body Haughty smile sneer:1.3 Mole under eye:1.2 heavy makeup:1.1 black lips beautiful lips extremely detailed face col dattitude eyeshadow eyeline femme fatale:1.5 incredibly beautiful black hair with Pink color streaks straight hair blunt bangs sneer Fancy hair exquisite hair:1.3 stunning gorgeous japanese gothgirl hakama skirt:0.9 sexy alluring attractive hot enchanting seductive erotic thick thighs athletic wide hips narrow waist athletic body:1.1 subsurface scattering reflections eflections realistic hair ultra detailed eyes Realistic eyes looking at viewer Detail hands realistic hands realistic legs eautiful legs realistic skin skin pores sweat shiny skin:1.3 wet skindentation clean skin depth of field:1.6 photorealistic:1.2 ray tracing soft lighting bokeh photorealistic caustics best quality film grain:1.4 RAW photo:1.2 lora:hakama v10:0.5 HAKAMA SKIRT lora:SithoutfitV2:1 sthoutfit lora:CyberPunkAI:0.5 CYBERPUNKAI NEON lora:~Q?-QlN;Rhime cut:0.6 lora:curly_hair_slider_v11:-3 lora:more_details:0.5
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SDXL Yamer Grimlock SINGULARITY m5 Yamer SDXL Yamer Grimlock SINGULARITY 🖤🪐💀 SFW + NSFW "ultra high resolution Perfectly composed crisp award-winning alcohol ink embossed image of a highly detailed science fiction landscape breathtaking attention to detail. elaborately designed background of a night starry sky with a red moon gothic illustration detailed complicated details Ultra HD 32k otherworldly mystical Fantasy complex background dynamic lighting marc simonetti cinematic 4k epic Steven Spielberg movie still sharp focus emitting diodes smoke artillery sparks racks system unit motherboard by pascal blanche rutkowski repin artstation hyperrealism painting concept art of detailed character design matte painting 4k resolution blade runner A portrait of a demon cyborg ghost a mask melancholy dark background" "Futuristic utopia Adventure Aether Kraken Car Nebula Verdant Canvas Spontaneous Human Combustion Voyage Lovely Grateful :vintage cars:15 Double exposure:1.3 photo of a noble lady 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