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split2 XL_newrealityxlGLOBAL_GLOBAL11 ALIENHAZE NewRealityXL ❗ All-In-One Photographic blank space and negative space as bckgroung flat opaqur color as background da vinci anatomical pose:1.3 full body 3D model of a humanoid chameleon in a serious mood with a bow tie moebius wearing nice shoes by Paul Catherall architecture flat-colors geometric graphic-design minimalism urban-life gradient textured split head split split body inside lora:split2:1.1 full lenght whole body he is split in half showing the inside organs and skeleton standing on white floor:1.2 realistic photography raw photo hdr detailed texture highest definition and sharpness image realistic colors The vibrant colors and striking contrast are masterfully captured made in unreal engine cinematic shot + dynamic composition incredibly detailed sharpen details + intricate detail + professional lighting film lighting + 35mm + anamorphic + lightroom + cinematography + bokeh + lens flare + film grain + HDR10 + 8K + Roger Deakins cinematic atmospheric particles intricate details made with the unreal engine symmetrical highly detailed smooth sharp focus full-height cinematic lighting kkw-ph1 3d isometric blender render high quality texture professional photography 3d cartoon pixar style sharp and smooth animation extreme detail ultra quality HD high definition dynamic range octane render Masterpiece crisp clear ultra definition High dynamic range vivid rich details clear shadows and highlights realistic intense enhanced contrast dslr blender render model 3d motion design element