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AI images created by user Faeia

Crystal Clear SamDoesArts Yamer SDXLRedGlitter FaeTasticSDXL2.0 Faeia 🥂🎆SDXL FaeTastic🎆🥂 lora:SDXLRedGlitter:0.7 RedGlitter dynamic shot of a beautiful red ruby and diamonds:1.2 scaled dragon|cat hybrid beautiful eyes up close:1.3 macro mythological creature dream world festive Christmas SDXLFrosted MJ52 SDXLAuroraStyle extremely_detailed SDXLFaetastic_v24 a masterful digital fantasy painting in the style of Greg Rutkowski Dan Mumford and Caspar David Friedrich alcohol ink thick outlines gold leaf the gargantuan goddess mother earth rising up from the ground to punish those who have disrupted and stained her masterpiece 8k award winning high quality best quality cinematic extremely detailed intense lighting epic lora:xl_more_art-full_v1:0.6 lora:SDXLFrosted:0.4 lora:MJ52:0.4 lora:add-detail-xl:1 lora:SDXLAuroraStyle:0.2 lora:extremely_detailed:1.3 SDXLFaeTastic2400 macro photo sparkling magical fantasy magical necklace made out of transparent multicolored glass beads light shines through magical artifact very detailed amazing quality intricate cinematic light highly detail beautiful surreal dramatic warm colors lora:SDXLFaeTastic2400:1 schematic cut of a sailing ship a beautiful translucent glass dragon frog that glows within glowing lights beautiful waterfall made out of multicolored transparent delicate glass magical sparkles vibrant whimsical colorslora:SDXLFaeTastic2400:0.8 SDXLFaetastic_v20 Fluffy White Angel cat perched upon golden bejeweled tower in a heavenly utopian city huge feathery angel wings
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