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Milly Alcock epi_noiseoffset2 icbinpICantBelieveIts_v8 malcolmrey Milly Alcock best quality masterpiece detailed analog style award winning photo 1girl boudoir sharp focus dark:1.5 RAW close up shot of a 18 year old sks woman:1.4 Blonde Dutch braid hair:1.4 Looking at viewer:1.5 sks woman as a Spartan queen in ANCIENT ROMAN EMPIRE sitting on an ancient roman chair in a sexual dominant pose inside a dark ancient roman building wearing a loose dirty beige ancient roman traditional Toga with red accents:1.5 soft beautiful ultrarealistic face perfect teeth sharp jawline straight teeth soft tongue blushing toned body beautiful detailed mouth with full soft lips insanely detailed natural medium breasts fully clothed highly detailed skin oily skin Gold necklace:1.2 in the time of the ancient Roman Empire raised eye brows Confident facial expression dirty clothes:1.1 hot warm sexy attractive blush sahara red:1.4 dirty clothes:1.2 dirt on skin rough skin oily skin:1.4 glistening skin atmospheric warm lighting dust particles particles fire torches torch rembrand lighting:1.1 high contrast golden hour sunset fire causes intense rim lighting two tone lighting glow bloom cinematic shot + dynamic composition incredibly detailed sharpen details + intricate detail + f1.2 + 85mm + anamorphic + cinematography + bokeh + film grain + HDR10 + 8K UHD cinematic no watermark absurdres hdr cinematic sensual Vivid colors Simplified style trending on ArtStation trending on CGSociety Intricate Vibrant colors Soft Shading Simplistic Features Sharp Angles Playful white balance masterpiece lora:epi_noiseoffset2:1.2 Game of Thrones lyco:fitgirl_v10:0.2 ripped navel lora:btpt-fC_v1.2a:0.2 btpt-fc alessio albi nina masic photography by Richard Avedon lyco:locon_millyalcock_v1_from_v1_64_32:1.3
serenity_v1 malcolmrey Serenity photo hasselblad intricate natural lighting matte skin wrinkles freckles:0.5 bokeh pores vibrant colors fire in the background red hair close up portrait RAW photo of sks woman inspired by fallout Mad Max and Waterworld absurdres detailed face post apocalyptic atmosphere in 1930' an sks woman in rugged power armor holding a rifle with both hands junkyard debris trash junk cars fill up the streets rust corrosion sense of scale sublime beauty of the grandiose environment epic cinematic composition volumetric lighting defined lines blurred background saturated colors strong bloom photorealistic panorama by Ed Blinkey Atey Ghailan by Jeremy Mann Greg Manchess Antonio Moro High Detail Sharp focus dramatic by greg rutkowski realism beautiful and detailed lighting shadows by Jeremy Lipking by Antonio J. Manzanedo by Frederic Remington by HW Hansen by Charles Marion Russell by William Herbert Dunton Detailed portrait cyberpunk sks person futuristic neon reflective wear sci-fi robot parts ismail inceoglu dragan bibin hans thoma greg rutkowski alexandros pyromallis nekro rene margitte illustrated perfect face machine face fine details realistic shaded elegant detailed film still of portrait neon operator sks woman in the movie blade runner messy ponytail cyberpunk futuristic neon reflective puffy coat decorated with traditional japanese by smail inceoglu dragan bibin hans thoma greg rutkowski alexandros pyromallis nekro illustrated fine - face pretty face